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  • 2021 first-round pick Kumar Rocker did not sign with the Mets by the MLB deadline.  He will be removed from the player list this week - any signing attempts of Rocker this week will be discarded.
  • When players are traded, quite often they are going to a team that has played either more games or fewer games than their original team.  For ease of keeping track, BWB does not track the dates that players are traded, but does check the MLB game number of the games that they played.
    • This is kind of a liberal interpretation and it may allow for an extra game or two to be counted.  For example, If a player sat out Team A's Game 100 and played in Team A's Game 101, then got traded to Team B that has only played 98 games so far, if he plays in Team B's Game 100, he'll get credit for those stats.
    • This can also mean that a player is going to miss some games if he goes from a team that played fewer games to a team that has played more.
    • When there are duplicate MLB games for a player, the one that happened first on his old team will be counted.
    • I'm just processing the MLB box scores from the past 3 days and something I noticed that will be of interest to Anthony Rizzo owners.  Rizzo had already played for the Cubs in Chicago's MLB Games 102 & 103.  With the Yankees, Rizzo homered in both of the Yankees' Games 102 & 103.  But because we take the first game played, you're not going to see those HRs in your games from Rizzo.


  • Week 16 Underway - Games 91-93 posted - See results
    • See standings for all leagues
    • Around BWB
    • Who are we waiting on?  These MLB teams have played the fewest games (through 7/28)
      • 98 games: Tor
      • 99 games: Cle
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game number to determine which BWB game can be scored
    • The next score update is expected on Sunday


  • First round draft picks of 2021 are now in the player list.  You can sign them this week.
    • Players that do not sign contracts with their MLB teams by the August 1 deadline will end up being ineligible to be signed and will be removed from the player list next week.  The good news this year is that deadline happens before the first transaction deadline to sign them.
    • How to find the picks?  On the player selection screen, use the "Other" filter and you'll find an option for "First Round (2021)"
    • You'll also find them by looking for players who are new to the list in Week 18, although they will be mixed in with other players added this week by making their first MLB appearances.


  • Week Seventeen Transactions Posted. Week Eighteen deadline should be Sunday night, but we're going to go with an extended deadline for one more week - moving to the time of the first game on Monday., So the deadline is Monday, August 2 at 3 PM Eastern  - see Season Deadlines


  • Week 15 Statistics and Players of the Week
    • Note - a couple of people have pointed out to me some odd data on the team stats for starting pitchers.  When I can find time, I'll poke into this.  It's not affecting game scoring - there may be some issue in how I'm pulling together the stats at the end of each week.

Did You Know? To email an owner, click on his/her name on the team's roster page

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  • In case you missed Thursday's email, a reminder that this week is the final week to submit contract extensionsDeadline is Monday, July 26 at 5 PM EDT.


  • Important deadline dates coming up
    • Sunday 7/25, Week 17: Final week for contract extensions (with delayed processing of Week 16, this deadline will likely be extended)
    • Sunday 8/1, Week 18: This week will be the first week that 2021 first round draft picks will be available to sign
    • Sunday 8/15, Week 20: Trade deadline
    • Saturday 8/21, Week 21: Final week to place players on the Prospects Roster


  • For Week 16 lineups - you may reorder your pitching rotation from scratch - we will not check on games of rest between Weeks 15 and 16 - it's our version of the All Star Break.  Lineup deadline is Sunday night.


  • Reminder - every 5 weeks our transaction deadline days change to sync with MLB - starting this week, deadlines are on Sundays at 7 PM Eastern


  • This is the final week to get a salary rebate for players you cut. Deadline is Monday at 7 PM Eastern.


  • We've reached the halfway point of the season with Game 75


  • We start 3 weeks of games back in your division


  • Reminder - every 5 weeks our transaction deadline days change to sync with MLB - starting this week, deadlines are on Mondays at 7 PM Eastern


  • Warning - the upcoming week for transactions/lineups will be short.
    • Most likely I'll post the results of transaction submissions for Week 11 late on Wednesday night.
    • With Week 12, we'll move our weekly transaction/lineup deadlines to Monday nights
    • Plan accordingly - those of you with many teams may have to cut back on what you normally do each week.  Please put your priority toward getting your new signees into your lineups.
  • Important deadline dates coming up
    • Monday 7/12, Week 15: Final week to get a prorated salary rebate for any released players
    • Sunday 7/18, Week 16: All teams get an extra 1000 in cash prior to the contract deadline
    • Sunday 7/25, Week 17: Final week for contract extensions
    • Sunday 8/1, Week 18: This week will be the first week that 2021 first round draft picks will be available to sign
    • Sunday 8/15, Week 20: Trade deadline
    • Saturday 8/21, Week 21: Final week to place players on the Prospects Roster


  • With Game 50, we've reached the 1/3 mark of the regular season.


  • Next week - we can't process transactions again until Wed night, so we're going to delay the shift to Monday deadlines at least one week.  Week Eleven deadline is Tuesday night, June 15 at 7 PM Eastern - see Season Deadlines


  • Two Mets rainouts this weekend are causing a bit of havoc in our schedule.  The next set of games won't post until Wednesday now.  We need to finish those games in order to get the transaction order and the financial results for the next set of transactions.
  • The Mets play only 5 games next week, so we're not going to catch up any time soon - it gets better after mid-June when they start playing some doubleheaders to make up the missed games.
  • But be prepared - we're going to have to try to keep our transaction/lineup deadlines as much as possible (so that for the most part you're setting lineups before the pertinent games are played).  This may mean we can't post transaction results and reset for the next week until a couple days after the deadline.
  • This will mean at least a couple of very short weeks - be prepared.  For those of you with 20+ teams you may not be able to do as much as you would typically like to do.


  • Orphan Clearance - Any orphan team is available for free for the remainder of the 2021 season.
    • Current list of orphan teams
    • Normal charges will apply for next season
    • If you'd like to take over one of the Expert League teams, let me know.  This will be for 2021 only, unless your team wins the division (or another one of your teams wins the Benchwarmer Bash or is the Winners Circle League champion in 2021).
    • If you're new to BWB and want an orphan team, your first step is to sign up for a site ID.  Otherwise send me an email with your team choice.


  • Reminder - Weekly deadlines have moved to Tuesdays!  This week's transaction/lineup deadline is tonight Tuesday 5/11 at 7 PM EDT.


  • We start 8 weeks of games outside your division with the beginning of Week 4
  • Note: Every 5 weeks we change the transaction deadline day to better match the mapping between MLB games and BWB games.  Starting this week, and for Weeks 6-10 our lineup/transaction deadlines are due on Tuesdays


  • 14-0: Jason Kiernan's team in Scooby Doo League - Where Are You? - is still undefeated.  And we're down to 3 teams still looking for their first win - see Around BWB
  • I stated yesterday that the next score update would be on Saturday.  Actually, we still need to wait for the Mets to play 2 more games, so instead look for that update on Sunday


  • We're down to 1 undefeated team (Jason Kiernan, Scooby Doo League) but still 8 teams without a win.


  • After 10 games, there are 2 teams across BWB who are undefeated.  Unfortunately, there are still 12 teams looking for their first win.


  • It's a little early in the season - 14/15ths of the regular season still remains - but here's our 1-page look at comparing teams across all the leagues in the BWB universe: Around BWB



  • It's BWB Opening Day!  Week 1 Begins - Game 1 posted - See results
    • The next score update - for Games 2 & 3 - is expected on Saturday.

See the News Archive for older headlines.