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  • Resetting the postseason lineup deadlines. It takes roughly a week to set up all the playoff brackets and before I can start that we have to deal with the tiebreaker games. There's no point in me setting a deadline way in advance of when the lineups will actually be used, so here's the updated schedule (and yes, subject to change):
    • Week 26, Playoffs Week 1: Saturday, October 15, Noon Eastern
    • Week 27, Playoffs Week 2: Saturday, October 22, Noon Eastern
    • Week 28, Benchwarmer Bash


  • And we're done - sort of - Week 25 complete - Games 149-150 posted - See results
    • That's a wrap on the regular season - except for the 10 divisions that ended in a tie and will require a 1-game playoff to decide the division (we avoided any 3-way or 4-way ties)
    • It takes a little bit of setup to schedule the tiebreaker games - it might be Thursday or Friday before I'm able to fit that in and score the games
    • Standings for all leagues
    • Around BWB


  • A final look at the close pennant races around BWB heading into the last 2 games of the regular season.
    • 56 of the 272 divisions are not yet decided.
    • 7 division races are currently tied but we've got lots of potential ties around the leagues.
    • We have theoretical shots at a 3-way tie and a 4-way tie (as I scramble to check the rules on how to handle that).
    • In 21 of the 56 divisions, the teams still alive play each other in the final 2 games.
  • I'm flying from Pennsylvania to Minnesota Tuesday night - I think I can post the games Tuesday night on my return but might have it done in the late morning/early afternoon (it appears that my posting problems are tied to my home internet/network).
  • As you set your post-season rosters, don't forget that you are limited to 6 taxi squad slots. If you set a roster with 7 or more players on the taxi squad, I will have to find room for them on your active roster and often that will mean moving a player making 250 or less back into the minors, which I assume is NOT what you want.  Your way around that is to cut your excess taxi squad players in transactions and move them to "cut" status in your lineup.
  • 33 Division Champions from the October 2 games (See standings for all leagues and a full list of all 2022 division winners):
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League
      • Campanella Division: Wisconsin Dawgs (owner Greg Flees - 2nd win in 2022) - 2-time defending league champ (plus a 2012 win); 10th division win, 7th straight
      • Sutton Division: South Hills California Elite (owner Michael Quinn - 8th win in 2022) - 3rd straight title, 9th overall; League champ in 2013 and 2009
    • Chevy Chase League
      • Ty Webb Division: Rummerfield Riverhorses (owner Jay Snyder - 7th win in 2022) - Defending league champion; 7th division win
      • Emmit Fitz-Hume Division: Gashouse Gorillas (owner Michael Quinn - 9th win in 2022) - 7th division win; 2019 league champion
    • Cleveland Rocks -Doby Division: Atlanta United BC (owner Ricardo Alexander (and BWB) - 18th win in 2022) - First division win in league's 10th season; finished 2nd once in 2013
    • Commissioners League - Frick Division: San Andreas Quakers (owner Bill Munger) - Defending league champ (also won in 2014); 5th division win
    • Deuces Wild League - Musial Division: Lexington Losers (owner Tom McGraw - 3rd win in 2022) - Repeat win
    • Five Boroughs League
      • Brooklyn Division: Brooklyn Ghostbusters (owner John Stroba - 3rd win in 2022) - Defending league champion
      • Staten Island Division: Staten Island Smashers (owner Jason Kiernan - 47th win in 2022) - Also won in 2020
    • Four Star League - MacArthur Division: Mt. Eaton Hilltoppers (owner Dave Matter - 9th win in 2022) - Repeat winner
    • Golden Throat League - Jack Buck Division: Lincoln Salt Dogs (owner Mike Cerny) - 9th pennant - looking for first league championship
    • Grand Slam League - McCovey Division: Oklahoma Sooners (owner Phillip Dang - 2nd win in 2022) - Repeat win, 3rd overall
    • Hall of Fame League - Cooperstown Division: High Octane Express (owner Tom McGraw - 4th win in 2022) - First playoff trip since 2015, 3rd division win
    • Home of the Brave - Maranville Division: Alphabet Street Paizley Prinxes (owner John Hula - 7th win in 2022) - Also won in 2020
    • Longball League - Robinson Division: Trinidad Island Vikings (owner Leif Jonson - 2nd win in 2022) - 12th division win in 18 seaons; 3 league titles 2012-2014
    • Murderers' Row - Big Donkey Division: Chicago Public Enemies (owner Jerry King - 7th win in 2022) - Repeat winner, 7th overall
    • Perfect World League - David Wells Division: Suffolk Steel (owner Robert Elias - 5th win in 2022) - First division win since 2013
    • Phightin' Phils League - Klein Division: John Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast (owner Michael Gaston - 3rd win in 2022) - First title in league's 12th season; finished 2nd twice (2017 and 2015)
    • Reality Bites
      • Fear Factor Division: Minneapolis Coonhounds (owner Jon Swanson - 3rd win in 2022) - 5th division win; league champ in 2017 and 2013
      • Amazing Race Division: Sea Isle City Sandsharks (owner Robert Elias - 6th win in 2022) - 8th division win; 3 league titles but last was in 2012
    • Redbirds League - Slaughter Division: Get A BRAIN! MORANS (owner Sherman Wan - 22nd win in 2022) - 7th division win; won the league in 2012-2013
    • Royal Flush League - Otis Division: Speed Wins and Homers do too!!! (owner Jason Kiernan - 48th win in 2022) - Defending league champ; 4th division title
    • Shadowball League - Pittsburgh Crawfords Division: Cleveland Buckeyes (owner Michael Rudolph - 13th win in 2022) - 10th division win - looking for first league championship
    • South Siders League - Minoso Division: KC Waders (owner Michael Quinn (and BWB) - 10th win in 2022) - Also won in 2017
    • Steel City League - Kiner Division: Atlanta Golden Krust (owner Ricardo Alexander - 22nd win in 2022) - 4th division win, 2-time league champ
    • Superman League - Christopher Reeve Division: Krypton Krushers (owner David Henning - 6th win in 2022) - 5th division win; won the league in 2019 and 2013
    • That's the Fact Jack League - Caddyshack Division: Ty's Ties (owner Dave Matter - 10th win in 2022) - Defending league champ; 3rd straight division win
    • Wes Anderson League
      • Rushmore Division: Atlanta Red Eagles (owner Ricardo Alexander - 23rd win in 2022) - 3rd division win in 4 seasons
      • Bottle Rocket Division: Surfin USA Looking for Bill Murray (owner Jason Kiernan - 49th win in 2022) - Repeat winner; 2019 league champ
    • Whiff League - Andres Gallaraga Division: Spaceman Spiff (owner John Hula - 8th win in 2022) - Finished 2nd last year - first division win
    • Winners Circle League
      • Alexander Division: Meshoppen Mythomaniacs (owner Jay Snyder - 8th win in 2022) - Repeat winner, 3rd overall
      • Mathewson Division: Christy Cardinals (owner Michael Quinn - 11th win in 2022) - Defending league champion; 3rd divsiion win
      • Galvin Division: Northeast Ohio Bombers (owner Michael Rudolph - 14th win in 2022) - Best previous finish in 12 seasons was 2nd (2016 and 2012)


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  • Week Twenty-five Transactions posted
    • Week Twenty-six deadline is TBD - but currently set for Saturday, October 8
    • See season deadlines
    • Week 26 transactions only allow cuts and IR moves - there are no more free agent signings this season
      • If you're trying to make room on your active lineup/rotation in the playoffs for players making less than 250, you may need to cut players if your taxi squad is full
      • Players under contract for 2023 and beyond MUST be retained when choosing your roster carryovers in December. If you've changed your mind about keeping a player under contract, your only options to get them off your roster is to cut them in these next 2 weeks or trade them away in November/December.
  • See a rundown of the close pennant races around BWB
  • No games today - I'll try to get transactions posted tonight and maybe games on Thursday. There's no action you need to take until we set lineups for the first week of playoffs (TBD).


  • As we begin Week 23 and the final 3 weeks of the regular season, these final 18 games are all within your division


  • Reminder - transactions/lineups are now due on MONDAY nights


  • Roughly about the same time every year, from the September games in Game 123...congratulations to our first Division Champion: (See standings for all leagues)
    • This year it's from They Might Be Giants - Terry Division: McCovey Cove Candlestick Makers (owner Jason Kiernan) - 4th division title - 3rd straight
  • I usually list all the division winners as they occur - this year is rough for a lot of reasons, but I'm going to try to keep doing that.


  • September roster expansion
    • In Weeks 23-25, your taxi squad and minor league players can fill in for your lineup if there are any empty spots.
    • Optionally, you can place your taxi/minors players in priority order - otherwise we fill them in randomly.
    • We're setting lineups now for Week 22 - it won't have any effect until the following week, but you can start to put those players in your desired order now.


  • The trade deadline has passed
  • Week 21 (deadline 8/24) is the final chance to put players on the Prospects Roster in 2022


  • First round draft picks of 2022 are now in the player list.  You can sign them this week.
    • All players have signed contracts, so we don't have to worry about any players being removed from the list this season.
    • How to find the picks?  On the player selection screen, use the "Other" filter and you'll find an option for "First Round (2022)"
    • You'll also find them by looking for players who are new to the list in Week 19, although they will be mixed in with other players added this week by making their first MLB appearances.


  • I understand that there have been problems connecting to the site - I'm seeing them too.  There's not a lot I can do with the level of access I have (plus I need to be on the phone to support and will need to do that when I'm back in the US).
  • To help out due to the web problems - contract extensions will be extended for at least one more week - you do NOT have to finish them this week.
  • We're going to keep the lineup/transactions due on Thursday night...for now, but I'll check back again in a day or two to see how the site is going.


  • This week is the final week to submit contract extensionsDeadline is Thursday, July 28 at 11:59:59 PM EDT


  • I'm headed on vacation Friday night through Saturday 7/30 (going to Iceland). When we planned this, my deal was that I'd make time to do some limited updates throughout the week. I wasn't planning on the current difficulties I'm having to publish info to the website, so my expectations are further reduced.  We'll be in a camper until Wednesday and I've added Wi-Fi, but I'm not going to plan for very much.
  • Here's a basic outline:
    • Thursday 7/21, 7 PM EDT: Week 16 deadline for lineups and transactions
    • Results of Week 16 transactions will post either late Thursday night or on Friday morning 7/22
    • I'll try to update MLB transaction data for the players at least once or twice, but use your own knowledge of IL status and promotions/demotions (always note the date last updated shown on the player list)
    • Next BWB game scores?  This is TBD. I should most likely be able to process stats and run the game-scoring program, but posting box scores and standings will be a problematic. I may post game scores without box scores available right away. At best, we won't have any box scores or updated standings until Thursday, July 28.
    • Thursday 7/28, 7 PM EDT: Week 17 deadline for lineups and transactions - this is also the contract extension deadline for 2022.
    • Results of Week 17 transactions probably won't post until I'm back in Minnesota - ideally posting by Saturday night, 7/30. The Week 18 deadline will remain at Thursday, August 4, so plan for a short week.
    • I'll try to get all games and standings caught up by Sunday 7/31-Monday 8/1.
    • This is, of course, subject to change depending on circumstances and technical handicaps.
  • How about when will the 1st Round draft picks will show up in the player list?  Because we've got the contract extension deadline in Week 17 and an expected short week of transaction submissions for Week 18, my plan is that the new players will be available for the Week 19 signings (open 8/5 and deadline on Wed 8/10).


  • I made a mistake in the note below on July 6. I said that Week 15 was the deadline to cut players and still get a prorated salary rebate (it was and always has been), but I listed that the deadline to do that was July 21 (oops - that's the Week 16 deadline). Just in case there was any confusion, we'll extend the salary rebates to this week - Week 16, July 21 deadline (you'll get a 36% salary rebate).
  • Free agent players are signed at 40% of their 2022 salary for the remainder of the season
  • Reminder - transactions this week are due THURSDAY night (and will be on Thursday nights for the 2 weeks after that)
  • Check all your teams to see if you have any pending trade offers


  • For Week 16 lineups - you may reorder your pitching rotation from scratch - we will not check on games of rest between Weeks 15 and 16 - it's our version of the All Star Break.  Lineup deadline is Thursday night.
  • All teams will get a cash distribution this week of 1 million Benchwarmer Bucks (1000) in advance of the contract extension deadline on Week 17 (deadline July 28)


  • With Game 75 we've reached the halfway point of the regular season.


  • You have 2 more weeks to cut players and receive a prorated salary rebate. Week 15 (deadline 7/21) is the final week for salary rebates this season.


  • There are going to be some non-standard changes to our weekly transaction/lineup deadline days
    • With the compressed nature of this MLB season, those deadlines will soon be getting far out of line.
    • In addition, there's some concern that too much of bullpen performances are known in advance. This won't completely solve that situation, but moving up the deadlines will help a bit.
    • I'll post a more complete schedule, but for the next few weeks:
      • Week 14 deadline moves to Saturday, July 9
      • Week 15 deadline - Friday, July 15
      • Week 16 deadline - Thursday July 21


  • There have been some additional web issues this morning but that might have related to me trying to update the team stats.  I'll keep an eye on it.
  • Enough people were affected by the website problems on Sunday night that we'll extend this week's transaction/lineup deadline.  Most asked for 2-5 hours but that won't change the time that I can process them and by midnight most of today's games are done. So we'll extend until the time of the first game on Tuesday: Tuesday, June 28 1 PM Eastern.
  • Note - Trade offers that expire with the original deadline day/time are not changed - they will still expire at 7 PM tonight.


  • All the standings after Game 60 should be in place and updated. I haven't gone back yet to try to get the missing box scores up.
  • Sorry for the posting delay - I've been having problems Friday night through Sunday afternoon with publishing the box scores and updated standings after Games 58-60. Some of the box score links you click may not work as the file doesn't exist yet on the website.  Some of the league standings and head-to-head records will be missing.  I'll work to get this resolved as soon as I can and I have a support ticket in with my web provider.


  • Reminder - every 5 weeks our transaction deadline days change to sync with MLB - starting this week, deadlines are on Mondays at 7 PM Eastern


  • At Game 50 we hit the 1/3 mark of the regular season


  • One of the problems I've seen with my stats provider this season is that the box scores are not correctly handling players who are at multiple positions per game - only listing the last position played. As a result, my totals may be short in some cases of players getting to the 10-game level and gaining eligibility for a new position.  I normally say that the stats from the service are the official ones I work with until there's a correction, but in this case with a known problem, if you feel a player should be listed for a new position (5 consecutive games or 10 games total), let me know. Keep in mind I typically update positions on the website every 2-3 days - usually on the same day we post game scores - so there is usually a slight delay in posting.


  • Reminder - transaction/lineup deadlines have shifted to Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern.
  • Check all your teams to see if you have any pending trade offers.


  • Reminder - every 5 weeks our transaction deadline days change to sync with MLB - starting this week, deadlines are on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern


  • The end of Week 3 wraps up 3 weeks of play within your division. The schedule for the next 8 weeks is against teams outside of your division.


  • This week's transactions - Week 5 - is the final week in which you get an 80% salary rebate for cut players. The rebate goes down 4% every week after that.
  • A look behind the BWB curtain - Friday edition:
    • BWB collects MLB stats via a service that publishes XML file versions of MLB box scores.  From there, I've got some programs and a series of MS Access operations that loads the data into a database and preps it for use in BWB games.
    • I've had a ticket open since Monday dealing with files from last Friday and Saturday that were incomplete with no player performance information - now 11 games.  Plus there's a missing box score from May 3.  As of yet, this isn't fixed and from some communication with them this week, they're having continuing technical problems this season.
    • I have hand entered 2 box scores earlier this year and it's not something I'd prefer to repeat for 12 more games. However, I am at the point where if I don't have the missing data by Saturday morning, I will do that and we'll get back to scoring games this weekend.


  • A reminder that I've shut off email notification for trade offers. I'll try to work on some other approach, but in the meantime, please remember to regularly take a look at the pending transactions for all of your teams, which will show you if anyone has proposed a trade to you and is awaiting a decision.

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