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Benchwarmer News


  • I'm unavailable and unable to update the website until December 11. I won't be able to assign any orphan teams during that time. All should be set up to allow for trades over the next 2 1/2 weeks to get to December 10. Happy Thanksgiving!



  • Lots of changes and updates as we move on to the 2024 season!
    • Salary cap cash has been distributed.  The 2024 salary cap is 40575 (was 41833 in 40735).
    • Cash rewards for playoff performance will be distributed on Wednesday
    • 2024 salaries are posted and are final - Premium salary adjustments have already been applied
    • 2024 player positions are updated but not final
      • Any player showing an "x" in their position didn't have any MLB stats in 2023, so I need to go back in and check what they did in the minors in 2023 (or maybe they didn't play at all and might be removed from the list) - their positions may change.
      • That usually takes a lot of time and will be finished sometime late December/early January
    • Player retention decisions for 2024 can now be made from your team roster pages.  Deadline to complete this is expected to be Sunday, January 7 - if you have a lot of teams, don't wait!!
    • First step before you can do any trading or pick your carryover players - indicate if you're keeping each of your teams in 2024.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is December 31 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.
  • New leagues for 2024 will be opened in late December.
  • As people indicate they're dropping teams, orphans will become available.
  • Trades are now open for a 3-week trading period, ending on Sunday, Dec. 10.  Following that will be another 3-week trade period open through December 31.


  • Team finances updated with cash awards on final division placement. Post season rewards are added after the salary cap is calculated.
  • Player salaries for 2024 are final (but not yet posted) - working today on salary cap and positions and will open up the rosters when all that is complete (maybe tonight, but definitely by tomorrow).


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2023 - Final Results: Kingston Baseball Club (Marxball) defeated Suffolk Steel (Perfect World League) 4 games to 2
    • Congratulations to team owner Ricardo Alexander.
    • This is Ricardo's 3rd straight win in the BWB ultimate tournament. This franchise also won it in 2021.
    • Ricardo won 10 league championships in 2023 and had 16 teams in the field of 128 that started out the Bash.
    • Also congratulations to runner-up Robert Elias in his second trip to the finals.

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  • Benchwarmer Bash 2023 - Semifinals: Games 1-7 posted
  • Benchwarmer Bash Bracket
  • We're down to our final two teams. Kingston (Marxball) and Suffolk were victorious in the semifinals:
    • Kingston Baseball Club (93-57, Marxball, Power Rank 55) - Ricardo Alexander vs. Suffolk Steel (96-54, Perfect World League, Power Rank 42) - Robert Elias
    • Ricardo won the Bash last year with Kingston (from That's the Fact Jack League). This Kingston team from Marxball won the Bash in 2021.
    • This is a championship match of owners - Robert Elias had the runner up Valley Forge Continentals in 2022. Robert has never won the bash before.
    • No winner has come out of Perfect World League before. Marxball has had 2 teams win the Bash.



  • Benchwarmer Bash 2023 - We move on to the Bash round with the final 8 teams. See the bracket
  • Quarterfinal results will post on Friday
  • Previewing the Bash:
    • There are 8 teams remaining - 6 league champions and 2 wild card teams
    • Last year's champion, Kingston from That's the Fact Jack League (Ricardo Alexander), is back again as the #2 seed.  Ricardo's Kingston from Marxball won the 2021 Bash and is this year's #5 seed.
    • No other franchise in the field has won the Bash before, although 2 owners have won with different teams - Jason Kiernan and Jay Snyder
    • Kingston (That's the Fact Jack) is the only repeat Federation champion from last year.
    • Federation titles by seed:
      • 1st: 1
      • 2nd: 1
      • 3rd: 5
      • 4th: 1
    • Owners with multiple teams in final 8:
      • 3 teams: Ricardo Alexander
      • 2 teams: Sherman Wan
      • Two of Ricardo's teams face each other in the first round, so he's guaranteed to have 1 team in the semifinals.
    • Our top seed based on BWB's power ranking, is Interlaken Cheese Transport (Reality Bites) with an Power Index of 10. For the 2nd straight season, the top-ranked team did not make it and to have only 1 team in the top 10 matches the situation from 2015.
    • Chicago (Anchorman) has a BWB Power Index of 276 which is the lowest-ranked team to make the Bash quarterfinals.


  • Hello! My intention was to run the final 3 rounds of the Benchwarmer Bash to wrap up at the same time as the World Series (if it went for 7 games).  When the Rangers finished it off in Game 5, I took a day off and unintentionally that's turned into a week. I'm out tonight but plan to get the Bash started again on Thursday and wrap up by Saturday or Sunday.
  • Other schedule things as we move into the offseason (subject to change):
    • I'll start work on 2024 salaries and positions later this week - with the goal of being ready to post this weekend.
    • Once the salaries and positions are updated, I'll unfreeze the rosters and you can begin work on trades and carryovers.
    • First offseason trade deadline - Dec. 10
    • Second (and last) offseason trade deadline - Dec. 31
    • Roster carryover/cut selections deadline - Jan. 7



  • Benchwarmer Bash 2023 - Federation Semifinals completed - Games 1-7 posted. Finals on Tuesday.
  • Previewing the Federation round:
    • There are 32 teams in the Federation field - 20 league champions and 12 wild card teams
    • Two teams have previously won the Benchwarmer Bash - Kingston from That's the Fact Jack (Ricardo Alexander) won last year.
    • 5 of the teams have previously won a Federation title, with 2 of 2022's 8 Federation winners still in the hunt for a repeat.
    • 2 of the 16 semifinal series have an owner with teams on both sides of the matchup
    • Owners with multiple teams in the Federation round of the Benchwarmer Bash:
      • 10 teams: Ricardo Alexander
      • 3 teams: Robert Elias, Dave Matter, and Sherman Wan
      • 2 teams: Michael Rudolph and Jay Snyder
      • 9 other owners have a single team
  • Benchwarmer Bash - Association Round Recap
    • Association titles by seed:
      • 1st: 13
      • 2nd: 6
      • 3rd: 7
      • 4th: 6
    • 20 titles were won by league champions, 12 by wild cards
    • For our league championship rematches mentioned below on 10/29, all 3 went to the league champion again.
    • 16 teams came in with a chance to repeat from 2022 and 6 did and all have something in common:
      • Yogi Berra Association: NYC2ATL (Winners Circle) - Ricardo Alexander
      • Lou Brock Association: NYC2ATL (White Elephant) - Ricardo Alexander
      • Ed Delahanty Association: Kingston (Marxball) - Ricardo Alexander
      • Darrell Evans Association: Atlanta (Golden Throat) - Ricardo Alexander
      • Whitey Ford Assocation: Atlanta (Murderers' Row) - Ricardo Alexander
      • Catfish Hunter Association: Kingston (That's the Fact Jack) - Ricardo Alexander - keeping alive a chance to repeat as the Bash winner



  • Benchwarmer Bash 2023 - Association semifinals complete - Games 1-7 posted. Finals coming on Sunday.
  • Benchwarmer Bash - Matchups are posted for the Association Semifinals - see the Benchwarmer Bash page and look for "Association Results" links within each Federation block (or see the quick links below on the 10/26 note). Games will begin later on Saturday.
  • Previewing the Bash:
    • There are 128 teams in the Association field - 68 league champions and 60 wild card teams
    • 7 franchises in the field have previously won a Bash title, including last year's champion Kingston Don Dadda from Marxball (Ricardo Alexander) and there are 5 previous runners up, including last year's 2nd place team, Valley Forge Continentals from Big Red Machine (Robert Elias)
    • 26 of the teams have previously won a Federation title, with 5 of 2022's 8 Federation winners attempting a repeat this year.
    • 30 of the teams have previously won an Association title (a level of competition that just started in 2019), 16 of 2022's 32 Association winners are in the field again this year.
    • Of the 64 first-round Association matchups, 27 feature teams from the same league playing each other. Several are playoff rematches:
      • There are 4 rematches of conference championships
      • We have 6 league championship rematches:
        • Batman: Brinkley (Michael Quinn) vs Kersh & Trouty (Sherman Wan). Brinkley won the league championship 4-2.
        • Blue and Gray: Charleston (Jerry King) vs Bradford (Jay Snyder). Charleston won 4-2.
        • Federal: Kansas City (Michael Quinn) vs Longyearbyen (Sherman Wan). Longyearbyen won 4-2.
        • Phightin' Phils: Steak Sandwich (Jason Kiernan) vs Wadsworth (Michael Rudolph). Steak Sandwich won 4-3.
        • Superman: Here Come (Michael Lehman) vs Fukushima (Jerry King). Fukushima won 4-3.
        • Tobacco Road: Jordan's (Jason Kiernan) vs Kingston (Ricardo Alexander). Jordan's won 4-2. (They had a championship rematch in last season's first round)
    • 2 of the 64 first-round series have an owner with teams on both sides of the matchup - Ricardo Alexander and Sherman Wan
    • Owners with multiple teams in the Association round of the Benchwarmer Bash:
      • 24 teams: Sherman Wan
      • 16 teams: Ricardo Alexander
      • 11 teams: Michael Rudolph
      • 8 teams: Dave Matter
      • 6 teams: Jon Swanson
      • 5 teams: Robert Elias, Jason Kiernan, Jerry King, Jay Snyder
      • 4 teams: Michael Quinn, Ken Stevenson
      • 3 teams: David Henning, John Hula, Leif Jonson, Andrew Lehman, Michael Lehman
      • 2 teams: Jim Duzyk
      • 18 other owners have a single team




  • Playoffs: Championship Week: Games 2-4 posted - See Playoffs for All Leagues
  • 40 of 2022's 68 league champions won their division again this season. 28 are still alive heading into the league finals
  • Congratulations to owners still alive with multiple conference wins: (see how this compares to 2022)
    • 18 Teams - Sherman Wan (out of 27 division winners)
    • 17 Teams - Ricardo Alexander (22)
    • 10 Teams - Jason Kiernan (14)
    • 9 Teams - Michael Rudolph (17)
    • 8 Teams - Michael Quinn (15) and Jon Swanson (17)
    • 7 Teams - David Henning (13)
    • 6 Teams - Dave Matter (20)
    • 5 Teams - John Hula (10)
    • 4 Teams - Jerry King (5)
    • 3 Teams - Robert Elias (5), Leif Jonson (8), Andrew Lehman (10), Michael Lehman (8), Jay Snyder (5), and Ken Stevenson (3)
    • 2 Teams - Don Kruse (4), Bill Munger (3), Jamie Reese (4), Derrick Silensky (2), and John Stroba (5)


  • Playoffs: Championship Week: Game 1 posted - See Playoffs for All Leagues
  • Lineups are open again for one more change - teams that will advance to the Benchwarmer Bash can reset their lineups one time for the entire run of the Bash. Lineup change deadline is Thursday night, October 26 at midnight Eastern


  • Playoffs: Week 1: Games 5-7 posted - First week is complete! - See Playoffs for All Leagues
  • Week 27 lineup deadline - for the 2nd week of the playoffs - Saturday night, Oct 21 at midnight Eastern
  • 2023 in Review (Part 2):
    • See Standings for All Leagues and Around BWB
    • Of 272 division winners from 2022, 120 repeated with division titles this season (145 of 268 repeated last year)
    • 86 of the division winners from last season finished below .500 in 2023, 39 of them dropped all the way to last place this year. 3 of those teams lost 100 games this year.
    • From the 272 divisions that existed in 2022, 34 division winners in 2023 are franchises that never before won a division title.
      • Special shout outs to teams doing this for the first time after 10 or more years of league play:
        • Andrew Lehman, Mars in Triple Crown League's 17th season
        • Dave Matter, Cincinnati in Triple Crown League's 17th season
        • Mike DeSmedt, Southside in Three of a Kind League's 16th season
        • Jim Duzyk, Upstream in Four Star League's 14th season
        • Bill Munger, Long Island in Perfect World League's 14th season
        • Jon Swanson, Wittenberg in Murderers' Row's 14th season
        • Tom McGraw, Green in Fenway Fenatic's 13th season
        • Sheldon Price, Colorado in Blame Canada League's 13th season
        • Jon Swanson, Lake Harriet in Minnie & Paul League's 13th season
        • Jerry King, Fukushima in Superman League's 12th season
        • Tom McGraw, Chicago in Firemen League's 12th season
        • Michael Lehman, Baseball in Anchorman League's 10th season
        • Dave Matter, Addision in North Siders League's 10th season
    • Of the 68 league champions from 2021, 40 of them repeated as division winners this season. (40 of 67 league winners from 2021 won divisions in 2022).
    • 31 teams went "worst to first" - finishing in 4th place in 2022 and winning a division this year (29 last year).
    • 13 teams out of 1,088 won 100 games this year, topped by 2 teams with 106 wins: Ricardo Alexander with Kingston in British Invasion League and Robert Elias with Wayne in K Street League
    • 22 teams lost 100 games, with 1 team dropping 114 for the season.
    • 25 teams had 100 or more losses in 2022.  None of them won their division this year (4 made 2nd-place) and just 2 finished .500 or better. However, 13 of those teams finished in 4th place this season and 2 of the teams lost 100 games again this year.
    • 24 teams won 100 or more games in 2022. 3 of them won 100 games again this season and 18 were division winners this year. Only 2 of those teams were below .500 this year and 1 of the teams actually fell to 4th place


  • Playoffs: Week 1: Games 2-4 posted - See Playoffs for All Leagues
  • Congratulations to owners with multiple division wins (see how this compares to last year):
    • 27 Teams - Sherman Wan
    • 22 Teams - Ricardo Alexander
    • 20 Teams - Dave Matter
    • 17 Teams - Michael Rudolph, Jon Swanson
    • 15 Teams - Michael Quinn
    • 14 Teams - Jason Kiernan
    • 13 Teams - David Henning
    • 10 Teams - John Hula, Andrew Lehman
    • 8 Teams - Leif Jonson, Michael Lehman
    • 7 Teams - Tom McGraw
    • 5 Teams - Alonda Clifton, Roland Dupont, Jim Duzyk, Robert Elias, Jerry King, Jay Snyder, John Stroba
    • 4 Teams - Don Kruse, Jamie Reese, Orphan teams under BWB Office and foster owners
    • 3 Teams - Bill Munger, Ken Stevenson
    • 2 Teams - Yuri Belova, Anthony C, Rick Furak, Sheldon Price, Mike Scott, Derrick Silensky


  • Playoffs: Week 1: Game 1 posted - See Playoffs for All Leagues
  • 2023 in Review: This season, there were 8 divisional ties throughout BWB. In 2022, 10 divisions ended in ties - how did those teams in last year's tiebreaker games fare this season?
    • Blame Canada League - Stan Division:
      • Winner - Elsinore Hosers (Jerry King) - This year: Won the division by 26 games
      • Loser - Fairplays Hubba-baloo (Jason Kiernan) - This year: Finished 2nd, 26 GB
    • Geek Pride League - Dorsey Division:
      • Winner - Silicon Valley Ones And Zeroes (Sheldon Price) - This year: Finished last, 30 GB
      • Loser - Seattle Grunge (Dave Matter) - Won the division by 18 games
    • Golden Throat League - Ernie Harwell Division:
      • Winner - Hammy's Screamers (Dave Matter) - This year: Finished tied for 2nd, 9 GB
      • Loser - Erebor Dragons (David Henning) - This year: Finished tied for 2nd, 9 GB
    • Grand Slam League - Murray Division:
      • Winner - Grannies Salami and Taters (Jason Kiernan) - This year: Finished 2nd, 2 GB
      • Loser - McPherson's Ridge Cavalry (Robert Elias) - This year: Won the division by 2 games
    • Great Lakes League - Erie Division:
      • Winner - Zoonotic Spillover (Jim Duzyk) - This year: Finished last, 11 GB
      • Loser - Black Rock Commodores (Robert Elias) - This year: Under Dan Levy, finished 3rd, 9 GB
    • K Street League - Blyleven Division:
      • Winner - Alvin Express (Michael Quinn) - This year: Won the division by 6 games
      • Loser - The Big Unit Throwing Gas!!! (Jason Kiernan) - This year: Finished 2nd, 6 GB
    • Motor City League - Gehringer Division
      • Winner - Maplewood Prospects (Robert Elias) - This year: Finished 3rd, 22 GB
      • Loser - Alcubierre-Obousy Skunkworks (Sherman Wan) - This year: Won the division by 9 games
    • Royal Flush League - Splittorff Division:
      • Winner - St. Louis Aces (Michael Quinn) - This year: Won the division by 3 games
      • Loser - Kentucky 5 of a Kind (Tom McGraw) - This year: Finished 3rd, 13 GB
    • Silver Screen League - Major League Division:
      • Winner - Jobu's Rum Runners (Michael Rudolph) - This year: Finished last, 22 GB
      • Loser - Celluloid Heroes (Alonda Clifton) - This year: Finished 3rd, 11 GB
    • Will Ferrell League - Stranger Than Fiction Division:
      • Winner - Boone Central Cardinals (Mike Cerny) - This year: As Brick's Bashers, owned by Dave Matter, won the division by 7 games
      • Loser - Yet To Be Named Baseball Player Character (John Hula) - This year: Finished 3rd, 11 GB
  • Playoff schedules are posted - including probable pitching matchups. See the link for playoffs on your league's home page or you can get a link to any league's playoffs from this page. You can also view quick links to all of your teams' playoff pages.



  • Tiebreakers posted for home field advantage and playoff seeding for all leagues throughout the post season.



  • 8 Division Champions from the October 7 tiebreaker games (See standings for all leagues and a full list of all 2023 division winners)
    • Born to Run League
      • Cobb Division: Quad Cities Stealing Home (owner Tom Kohl) - 3rd division win; 2017 league champion
      • Raines Division: Central City Flashes (owner David Henning - 13th win in 2023) - Only previous title was in 2019 league championship season
    • Fenway Fenatics - Cronin Division: Green Monster (owner Tom McGraw - 7th win in 2023) - 5th division win; Won league title in all previous playoff appearances
    • Game Night League - Operation Division: Minnesota Moose (owner Jon Swanson - 17th win in 2023) - 1st division title
    • Minnie & Paul League - Carew Division: Nebraska Legends (owner Michael Gaston) - 2 previous wins, most recently in 2020
    • Moneyball League - Scott Hatteberg Division: Atlanta Beane Pies (owner Ricardo Alexander - 22nd win in 2023) - Defending league champion; 5th division win
    • Redbirds League - Brock Division: Brooklyn Usual Suspects (owner Jerry King - 5th win in 2023) - Repeat winner, 6th overall; League champ in 2011 and 2008
    • Whiff League - Jose Canseco Division:Arlington Killer Donkeys (owner Brad Lewallen) - 1st division win; Best previous finish was 2nd in 2020


  • 8 divisions across BWB finished in a tie - Results are in - Regular season is complete!
    • Born to Run League - Cobb Division: Quad Cities Stealing Home (Tom Kohl) at Escape from New Jersey in a Green Ford Taurus (John Hula)
      • Result: Quad Cities 4  Escape from New Jersey 3 (Extra Innings) - Box
      • Quad Cities has 2 division titles and was the 2017 league champion. EFNJ won the division the last 2 seasons and won the league in 2021 and 2020.
      • The teams split their season series 9-9. EFNJ had a division record 1 game better to get home field.
      • Quad Cities swept the 6 games played between the teams in the final 3 weeks.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Quad Cities 9-1 (on a 7-game win streak)  EFNJ 6-4 (has won 3 straight)
    • Born to Run League - Raines Division: Cental City Flashes (David Henning) at Quick Feet (Roland Dupont)
      • Result: Central City 8  Quick 4 - Box
      • Central City has 1 division title in 2019 when it won the league as well. Quick never finished higher than 3rd place in the league's 1st 6 seasons.
      • Quick won the season series 10-8.
      • The teams split their final 6 games in Weeks 23-24.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Central City 6-4 (and has won 5 in a row)  Quick 6-4
    • Fenway Fenatics - Cronin Division: Green Monster (Tom McGraw) at Scarlet Sox (Roland Dupont)
      • Result: Green 9  Scarlet 6 - Box
      • Green has never made the playoffs in the league's 12 seasons. Scarlet last won the division in 2016, but has 5 overall and was league champ in 2014 and 2012.
      • Scarlet won the season series 11-7
      • Scarlet won 2 out of 3 against Green in the final 3 games to force the tie. Green took 2 of 3 in Week 24
      • Record for the last 10 games: Green 7-3  Scarlet 8-2
    • Game Night League - Operation Division: Minnesota Moose (Jon Swanson) at SoCal Blue Dogs (Scott Owens)
      • Result: Minnesota 6  SoCal 5 (Extra Innings) - Box
      • Minnesota's best previous finish was 2nd in 2021. SoCal won the division in the league's 1st 2 seasons and won the league in 2021.
      • The teams split the season series 9-9; SoCal had the better division record to get home field
      • The teams split their final 6 head-to-head games, but SoCal beat Minnesota in the final 2 games of the season to force the tie.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Minnesota 6-4  SoCal 7-3
    • Minnie & Paul League - Carew Division: Nebraska Legends (Michael Gaston) at Bloomington Metropolitans (Sam Campbell)
      • Result: Nebraska 6  Bloomington 3 - Box
      • Nebraska has 2 division wins, last in 2020. Bloomington also has 2 wins with the most recent in 2021.
      • Bloomington has home field on the basis of a 13-5 win in their season series.
      • Bloomington won 5 of the final 6 games the teams played in Weeks 23 & 24.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Nebraska 5-5  Bloomington 6-4 (currently on a 3-game win streak)
    • Moneyball League - Scott Hatteberg Division: Bloom County Boingers (Dave Matter) at Atlanta Beane Pies (Ricardo Alexander)
      • Result: Atlanta 7  Bloom County 6 - Box
      • Bloom County has 1 division title in the league's previous 10 seasons (2020). Atlanta is the defending league champion and has won the division 4 times, including the last 2 years.
      • The teams split their season series 9-9. Atlanta's division record was 1 game better to grab home field.
      • Atlanta won 4 of the final 6 games the teams played in Weeks 23-24.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Bloom County 5-5  Atlanta 7-3
    • Redbirds League - Brock Division: Hello Wisconsin Stoners (Michael Lehman) at Brooklyn Usual Suspects (Jerry King)
      • Result: Brooklyn 4  Hello Wisconsin 3 - Box
      • Hello Wisconsin has 1 division win in the league's 17 seasons (2017). Brooklyn won the division last year and has 5 overall - with 2 league titles (2011 and 2008)
      • Brooklyn won the season series 11-7.
      • Brooklyn won 4 of the 6 games the teams played in Weeks 23 & 25.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Hello Wisconsin 5-5  Brookyn 6-4
    • Whiff League - Jose Canseco Division: Arlington Killer Donkeys (Brad Lewallen) at Branyan's Bombers (Michael Rudolph)
      • Result: Arlington 5  Branyan's 2 - Box
      • Arlington has never won the division in the league's previous 4 seasons. Branyan's has 2 division titles.
      • Branyan's won the season series 12-6
      • Branyan's won 4 of the 6 games the teams played in Weeks 23 & 24.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Both teams 7-3 and both bring 2-game winning streaks into the tiebreaker.


  • The Week 26 transaction/lineup deadline may get moved back further, depending on how long it takes me to set up playoff brackets/schedules, but currently I have reset it to Wednesday night, Oct 11 at midnight Eastern.
    • The only transactions allowed this week are cuts and IR moves.
    • Your lineups need to be legal - if by putting players with salary under 250 in your lineup you end up with too many taxi squad players, you'll need to cut the extra ones (or I'll have to move players under 250 back to the minors for you).
  • The Week 26 deadline coming up is the FINAL chance to cut players before the winter transactions. Any player you have under contract for 2024 and beyond must be kept on your roster as part of your 28 carryover players in January. You can cut them after the Redistribution Draft, but you have to hold onto them until that point. This is the final chance to cut those players or you keep them until February.  (You can also try to trade them in November/December before the carryover deadline, but this is the last chance to do it on your own).
  • Somone asked if there could be any special exception for Wander Franco or player in a similar situation to void their contract. At this point, that is not part of the rules and I don't have a plan right now to change that. We do not have any provision that would get you any credit back from money you may have spent on contracts.


  • And we're done - sort of - Week 25 complete - Games 149-150 posted - See results
    • That's a wrap on the regular season - except for the 8 divisions that ended in a tie and will require a 1-game playoff to decide the division (we avoided any 3-way ties)
    • It takes a little bit of setup to schedule the tiebreaker games - it might be a couple of days before I'm able to fit that in and score the games
    • Standings for all leagues
    • Around BWB
  • We should have Games 149-150 up by Sunday evening. 64 divisions have yet to be decided. There are many that could end up in a tie - including at least one scenario for a 3-way tie. Prior to Game 149, here's the final update to the close division races around BWB

See the News Archive for older headlines.