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  • Week 24 underway - Games 139-140 posted - See results
    • Next score update is expected Monday night or Tuesday
    • Around BWB
  • Week Twenty-five Transactions Posted - Week Twenty-six deadline is tentatively set for Saturday, October 5, 1 PM Eastern
  • Week 26 Transaction notes:
    • You're setting lineups for the first week of the playoffs
    • For roster changes, you can't sign any players - you can only cut players or move players to IR in case you need to make room on your active roster for your playoff lineups.
    • Additionally - this is your final chance to cut players with multiyear contracts (2019 and beyond) until February 
      • During the period of time when you are picking your 28 players (maximum) to retain for 2019, any player under contract for 2019 and beyond must be kept - at least until after the Redistribution Draft.
      • If you've signed a player to a long term contract and you've decided you don't want him taking up one of those 28 spots, you'll need to cut him now.
      • As always, you don't receive any salary rebate for the extended years.
      • However, cutting a player now will make him unavailable to you in Week 27 (final playoff week)


  • Schedule update - I spent a couple of days trying to automate my box score download process (currently do that by hand) to better handle the daily document dumps I'm getting from my stat provider that's causing some of the current problem.  No luck on that yet, so I'll have to fix that another day.
  • Current plans:
    • Rerunning Game 138 - Hope to have this posted on Friday morning, 9/21
    • Week 25 transaction results - Posted Friday night or Saturday morning
    • Resume with Game 139 and beyond - Posted by Saturday night


  • Quick update on the schedule:
    • Last week my MLB stat database got a little screwed up.  I have some safeguards and checks in place, but I missed the fact that I didn't have some stats loaded from 9/11.  This is a result of some inconsistency in the data that I get - but also some mistakes on my part for getting corrected information loaded.
    • For the most part, this isn't a problem - the games on 9/11 for the teams were in the 144-147 range - stuff that would show up in Week 24.  However, I'm still missing some information for the Mets and Marlins - and both teams played their game #143 (translating to BWB game #138) on 9/11.  As a result, their game information for 9/12 got mislabeled as game #143 and that's what ended up being used for BWB game #138.
    • So - in the interest of getting this right, although it probably won't affect more than a few BWB outcomes, I'm going to rescore game #138.
    • I do still need some additional time to clear up the MLB stats - yesterday my provider dropped another load of 500 box scores (a mix of the Saturday games plus corrections to their files - even small ones that don't factor into our game) and I need to still process those.
    • At this point, we're not on any hard deadline - you've all submitted your Week 25 lineups - there are no transactions/lineups due until we're ready to start the playoffs - and that's usually in early October.
    • Here's the tenative schedule:
      • I hope to get all the MLB stats cleared up by Monday night
      • Will re-run Game 138 by Tuesday night
      • Will process the Week 25 submissions for cuts and lineup changes by Wednesday
      • Move on with scoring games after that's all done.
    • Thanks for your patience - I wanted to make sure that this got done correctly.  Some of this is caused by my rush on some tasks so I'm going to be deliberative with getting this fixed.

Did You Know? You have until the end of July to submit contract extensions


  • Before we start Week 24 games, here's the latest on the close divison races across the BWB universe.


  • Week 23 Statistics and Players of the Week
  • 11 Division Champions from the September 13 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • American Association - Philadelphia Athletics Division: Grocery Store Steakers (owner Andrew Lehman - 2nd win in 2018) - Best previous finish had been 2nd place in 2015
    • Bronx Bombers League - Ford Division: Violent Delights (owner Sherman Wan - 8th win in 2018) - First trip to the playoffs
    • Cleveland Rocks - Boudreau Division: The Flats ! (owner James Doud) - Back-to-back titles - 4th overall; League champion in 2013
    • Deuces Wild League - Biggio Division: Vega$ Chickabooms (owner Daniel Foley, Jr.) - 2nd straight win; League title in 2011
    • Firemen League - Eckersley Division: Miami Valley Mystic Revelation (owner David Henning - 6th win in 2018) - Repeat title; 5th overall - looking for first league championship
    • Four Star League - Patton Division: Miami County Mercenaries (owner David Henning - 7th win in 2018) - 4th consecutive division win - made the finals in 2016 & 2017; League champ in 2011
    • Home of the Brave
      • Mathews Division: Chop This! (owner Sherman Wan - 9th win in 2018) - Finished 2nd in the league's first season in 2017
      • Nichols Division: Mohawk Valley Iroquois (owner Michael Rudolph - 2nd win in 2018) - 3rd place last season
    • The Kings of Queens - Koosman Division: Kansas Bucks (owner Greg Flees - 2nd win in 2018) - 3rd straight division win, 7th overall; has 5 conference titles but lacks the league championship
    • Marxball - Chico Division: Fiorello's Hard Boiled Eggs (owner Jason Kiernan - 8th win in 2018) - Repeat winner
    • Perfect World League - Randy Johnson Division: Midwest Malingerers (owner Don Kruse - 4th win in 2018) - Repeat division winner; 4th overall


  • 16 Division Champions from the September 12 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • B Movie Actor League - My Name is Bruce Division: Vatican City Van Dammes (owner Tom Twomey - 3rd win in 2018) - Defending league champion; 3rd consecutive division win
    • Beatleball - Harrison Division: Margaritaville Parrotheads (owner Tom Twomey - 4th win in 2018) - 7th straight title, 8th overall; 2-time league champion
    • Beer League - Hops Division: Kingfisher Ale Slammers (owner Tom Twomey - 5th win in 2018) - 8th straight division title; One league championship in 2011
    • Cleveland Rocks - Harder Division: Wysox Whirligigs (owner Jay Snyder - 3rd win in 2018) - First win - finished 2nd in each of the previous 3 seasons
    • Deuces Wild League
      • Musial Division: Washington Insiders (owner Don Kruse - 3rd win in 2018) - Repeat title, 7th overall; League champ in 2015
      • Cobb Division: Rock Ridge Raiders (owner Jerry King) - Defending league champion; 3rd division win
    • Federal League
      • Brooklyn Tip-Tops Division: Sheshequin Shenanigans (owner Jay Snyder - 4th win in 2018) - 2-time defending league champion; 5th division title
      • Buffalo Buffeds Division: Boardwalk Amusements (owner Jamison Reese) - Repeat winner
      • St. Louis Terriers Division: Atlanta Kool Runnings (owner Ricardo Alexander - 5th win in 2018) - 5th straight division title; league champ in 2014
    • Firemen League - Franco Division: Smoke on the Water (owner Sherman Wan - 4th win in 2018) - Only team to win the division in league's 6 seasons; 3-time league winner
    • Murderers' Row - Big Poison Division: Palookaville Pugs (owner Sherman Wan - 5th win in 2018) - 6th win in 9 seasons; League champion in 2014
    • Scooby Doo League
      • Shaggy Division: Rittman Cooked Bats (owner Michael Rudolph) - 2nd division win (also won in 2016)
      • Fred Division: Georgia Swamp Monsters (owner Willis Lee) - 2nd title; League champion in 2016
      • Daphne Division: North DeLisle Rangers (owner Sherman Wan - 6th win in 2018) - Repeat winner; 3rd overall
    • Silver Screen League - Bad News Bears Division: Winterfell Direwolves (owner owner Sherman Wan - 7th win in 2018) - Defending league champion; 4th consecutive division win
    • Steel City League - Mazeroski Division: Carnegie Mellons (owner Dave Matter) - First division win; best finish had been 2nd place in 2015-16


  • 14 Division Champions from the September 7 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • American Association - Pittsburgh Alleghenys Division: Tulsa Twominators (owner Tom Twomey - 2nd win in 2018) - 3rd straight division win
    • Batman League - Bale Division: Wayne Dark Crusaders (owner David Henning - 5th win in 2018) - First trip to playoffs since 2010
    • Commissioners League - Chandler Division: Brooklyn Dodgers (owner Jason Kiernan - 6th win in 2018) - Repeat winner, 7th overall
    • Grand Slam League - McCovey Division: Fraggle Rock Fraggles (owner Phillip Dang) - 4th place in each of the league's first 2 seasons; 33 GB in 2017
    • Hall of Fame League - Ruth Division: Nordeast Original Sinners (owner Andrew Lehman) - 7th division win for the franchise but new owner gets turnaround from 96 losses in 2017 and first playoff appearance since 2012
    • The Kings of Queens - Hernandez Division: Astoria Argyle Sox (owner Sherman Wan - 2nd win in 2018) - Repeat division winner
    • Marxball - Groucho Division: Sanity Clause & the Seven Elves (owner Sherman Wan - 3rd win in 2018) - Won the league's first championship last season
    • Moneyball League - Art Howe Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche - 2nd win in 2018) - 6 division titles in 6 years; League champ in 2014-15
    • Murderers' Row - Big Ed Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche - 3rd win in 2018) - 7 division wins in 9 years; 3-time defending league champion
    • South Siders League
      • Faber Division: El Dorado Conquistadors (owner Robert Elias) - Defending league champion; 3rd straight divison win
      • Walsh Division: South Pole Blizzards (owner Jason Kiernan - 7th win in 2018) - Best finish so far was 3rd place last year
    • That's the Fact Jack League - Caddyshack Division: Spackler Gopher Patrol (owner Jay Snyder - 2nd win in 2018) - 3rd consecutive division title; Advanced to finals previous 2 times but no championship yet
    • They Might Be Giants - Ott Division: NYC2ATL Orange Eagles (owner Ricardo Alexander - 4th win in 2018) - First title; best finish so far had been 2nd place in 2014
    • Winners Circle League - Alexander Division: Vandalay Architects (owner Don Kruse - 2nd win in 2018) - 3rd straight title; 4th overall - looking for first league championship



  • Reminder - The Week 24 transaction submission (our current week) is the final chance to sign players during the 2018 regular season.  If you need guys for the playoffs, this is your last opportunity.  Deadline is Sunday at 1 PM Eastern.


  • 7 Division Champions from the September 4 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Bronx Bombers League - Gehrig Division: Standing Stone Subtle Tsunami (owner Jay Snyder) - 4th straight division win; League champ in 2016
    • Fenway Fenatics - Doerr Division: Big Tall Green Wall (owner Jason Kiernan - 3rd win in 2018) - 4th division title - first since 2014; League champ in 2011
    • Five Boroughs League - Queens Division: Hostile Take-over (owner Danny Zaccaro) - Also won the division in 2016
    • Home of the Brave - Niekro Division: Shawnee Fighting Eagles (owner David Henning - 2nd win in 2018) - Finished 2nd last year, 24 GB, in the league's first season
    • Original Six League - Black Hawks Division: Super Mario All Stars!!! Now with Sid the Kid!!! (owner Jason Kiernan - 4th win in 2018) - Inaugural season
    • Perfect World League - Kenny Rogers Division: Utopia Unicorns (owner David Henning - 3rd win in 2018) - Defending league champ - also won in 2014
    • Triple Crown League - Klein Division: Underwater Flying Submarines (owner Jason Kiernan - 5th win in 2018) - 2-time defending league champ; 5th division title
    • White Elephant League - Jackson Division: Titan Rockets (owner David Henning - 4th win in 2018) - Inaugural season


  • 4 Division Champions from the September 3 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Anchorman League - Chancellor Division: Atlanta Falcons (owner Ricardo Alexander - 2nd win in 2018) - Repeat division winner
    • Beer League - Yeast Division: The Natty Lights (owner Jesse Roche) - 11th division crown - 9th straight; Last won league title in 2014
    • Reality Bites League - American Idol Division: Kingston Jamaicans (owner Ricardo Alexander - 3rd win in 2018) - 9th division title - 5th consecutive win - 3rd straight with this owner; League champ in 2015
    • Will Ferrell League - Stranger Than Fiction Division: Yet To Be Named Baseball Player Character (owner John Hula) - Repeat winner


  • 3 Division Champions from the September 1 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Anchorman League - Jennings Division: Brick Barometers (owner Tom Twomey) - 5th straight division title; League champ 2014-2016
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Reese Division: Aksarben Krusaders (owner Greg Flees) - 3rd straight division title, 6th overall; League champ in 2012
    • The Kings of Queens - McGraw Division: Joker's Diamond Devils (owner David Henning) - Repeat division winner


  • 2 Division Champions from the August 30 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Hall of Fame League - Cooperstown Division: Chicxulub Revolution (owner Sherman Wan) - 3rd straight division crown, 11th overall - but hasn't won the league since 2009 or been to finals since 2013
    • Motor City League - Greenberg Division: Mt Pleasant Bomb Squad (owner Jason Kiernan - 2nd win in 2018) - 4th finish in 1st place; League champion in 2016


  • 2 Division Champions from the August 27 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Campanella Division: Wisconsin Dawgs (owner Greg Flees) - 3rd straight division title, 6th overall; League champ in 2012
    • Geek Pride League - Tomlinson Division: Ai. Phi. Oh Volunteers (owner Jason Kiernan) - First title; best finish had been 2nd in 3 straight seasons 2014-16


  • A reminder of what's coming up of importance in the BWB calendar - See the season schedule for details.
    • Week 23 - deadline Sunday 9/2 - "roster expansion" - taxi squad and minor league players can fill in as an extended bench for the final three weeks of the season - See the rules regarding September call ups
    • Week 24 - deadline Sunday 9/9 - final week to sign free agents for the 2018 season/post-season


  • About the same time as last year...congratulations to our first Division Champion: (See standings for all leagues)
  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks) - this got pushed back one week this time.  So for Weeks 22-25, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on SUNDAYS - and on weekends our deadline time every week is 1 PM Eastern


  • Week 21 is the week where we're supposed to shift from Mondays to Sundays for the weekly transaction/lineup deadline, but because of delays in getting Week 20 posted, we'll keep Week 21 on Monday and then shift to Sundays on Week 22.
  • This is the final week that you can move players to the Prospects Roster for this season.


  • Trades are now closed for the season
  • This is the final week in 2018 to move your players to the Prospects Roster


  • At Game #100, we've hit the 2/3 mark of the regular season


  • Reminder of some new rules for 2018 on team finances that kick into effect with the beginning of Week 16 games:
    • Cash reward for each win has increased from $50,000 to $75,000 (and then up to $100,000 in Week 21)
    • The weekly cash distribution for 4th place teams decreases from $150,000 to $100,000 (and goes to $0 in Week 21)


  • This question comes up every year, so just a reminder - when a player is traded, any other transaction the original team has with that player is automatically deleted.  So it's not possible for team A to extend a player's contract and trade that player to Team B with that contract extension.  If that's something you want to do as part of a trade, you need to 1) have Team A extend the contract this week and B) execute the trade NEXT week.


  • New feature on the lineup change page - Once you have picked a player to move to the Prospects Roster, you can now give him a lineup designation of "Prs" that will free up space on the active roster immediately.  This is similar to the "Cut" and "Inj" options.
  • Reminder that Week 21 is the final week to move players onto the Prospects Roster for the 2018 season (deadline Aug 19).
  • I'm starting work now on updating the transaction error-checking to account for the Prospects Roster - hope to have the changes in place by this weekend. (Note on 7/22 - this will still take some time, so it will be another week perhaps)


  • During the transaction period right before the contract deadline, each team gets an extra 1000 in cash (See rules)
  • That cash has been distributed and added to team cash balances during the Week 16 transaction processing


  • Week 17 is the final week for contract extensions


  • You all just played three weeks of games within your division.  Weeks 15-22 will all be games outside the division and we close the season in Weeks 23-25 with another round of intradivision play.


  • Correcting my note from 7/11 about 1st round draft picks that will be removed from the player list - I must have clicked the wrong box when updating the 1st round draft picks.  Grayson Rodriguez did sign with Baltimore - but the player I meant to deactivate was Carter Stewart, drafted by Atlanta
  • Reminder - you can reorder your starting pitching rotation this week without a penalty for games between starts between Week 15 games and Week 16 games.


  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks).  So for Weeks 16-20, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on MONDAY.
  • Reminder - there are no longer any rebates for 2018 salaries when you cut players - Week 15 was the last chance
  • These three 2018 first round draft picks did not sign a contract by the deadline.  They will be removed from the player list either at the end of the 2018 season or when all teams that picked them drop them off their rosters.  There's no benefit to keeping them - and they cannot be signed by other teams or traded - you might as well cut them if you have them:
    • J.T. Ginn - LAD
    • Matt McLain - Ari
    • Grayson Rodriguez - Bal Carter Stewart Atl


  • Week 15 transactions - deadline Tuesday 7/10 - last chance to cut a player this season and get a prorated salary rebate; all cuts after that week are done with no cash back to you


  • With Game 75 posting, we've reached the halfway point of the regular season


  • As mentioned - the transaction error-checking does not yet work for the new transactions - and "moving to prospects" will not be recognized as valid.  You will see a message: "There is some unspecified error (refreshing screen may help)" - that one you can ignore.
  • And it's possible this may change in the future - but after this week when the first players will land on the prospect roster...when you trade prospects, they will be placed on the receiving team's 40-man roster - and if desired to put on the prospect roster will need to be a separate transaction the following week.  The receiving team will need to make sure there is room on the 40-man to allow that trade to work.

See the News Archive for older headlines.