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Benchwarmer News


  • Winter trading period 1 posted - Trades now open again with deadline Sat Jan 3
  • Over 100 players removed from the player list (more to come) - these players were on BWB rosters and are now gone:
    • Carlos Gutierrez
    • Brandon Laird
    • Wade LeBlanc
    • Barret Loux
    • Michael Main
    • Daisuke Matsuzaka
    • Miles Mikolas
    • Hiroyuki Nakajima
    • Kolbrin Vitek
  • Player additions (based on 40-man rosters) most likely to show up after the Jan 3 trade deadline.


  • One more day to get to posting trades - look for it Thursday night.  In the meantime, what I have been working on is an enhancement to the trade process: When someone accepts a trade, all other open trade requests involving any players in that accepted trade will be automatically cancelled.  This should eliminate the situation where the same player is traded to different teams.


  • I'm aware of emails from the game bouncing such as your league broadcasts and/or trade requests (I get a copy of them all).  I will be requesting a server change for the website for other reasons to get me off old technology (and more expensive/unsupported).  I need to wait until that's done to really dig into the problem.  For many domains, the IP address of the mail server where BWB messages come from is on a blocked/spam list.  In some cases bounces are due to bad/obsolete owner email addresses.
  • More 2015 Rule Changes:


Did You Know? You have until the end of July to submit contract extensions

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Fantasy Baseball Sherpa



  • Team payment information - you can find a link on your team roster page, but here's a direct link to your financial summary.  Most teams have a $5 early payment discount through Dec. 13.


  • First new 2015 Rule Change - We'll post the Redistribution Draft one round at a time - teams will have the chance to change the remainder of their list in between rounds.  Additional comment coming soon on the Redistribution Draft.


  • Here's a recap of the 2015 Rule Changes so far (as of August)
  • Meanwhile, I've reviewed the comments on the blog for other suggested rule changes and over the next week or two will make some decisions and post any resulting changes.


  • Here's a list of: Things to know about the postseason - and prepping for 2015.
  • First step before you can do any trading or pick your carryover players - indicate if you're keeping each of your teams in 2015.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is January 3 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.
  • Things to note before deciding to come back:
    • There's a $5 increase in team fees / the multiteam discount however increased from $10 to $20.
    • Package prices for leagues, etc. and Season Tickets have increased accordingly
    • Pay before Dec 14 at 3AM Eastern - and you'll offset that $5 increase with an early payment discount. League packages are at 2014 prices until then.
  • Teams with league championships and other post-season tournament winners have free bonus teams to use.  See the list of new leagues coming in 2015.
  • You can also pick up new teams for 2015.
  • Trades are now open - you have until December 13 for the first trade session.  The second session will extend through Jan 3.
  • You can also begin choosing your carry over players - visit your team roster(s) for a link to do that.  Final deadline is January 11.
  • There may be some pages that don't yet work or haven't been fully switched to 2015.  Be patient - I'll get those working soon.  Let me know if you find anything.


  • Rosters reopened....Trades available with the next trade deadline as Saturday, Dec 13 at midnight Pacific.
  • Carryover choices due Sunday, January 11, 2015
  • Look for postings on rule changes over the next 2-3 weeks.


  • Getting ready for 2015:
    • Not yet ready to open up rosters for off-season trading and cuts, but there are some updates
    • Player salaries updated for 2015 - these are FINAL
    • Positions updated for 2015 - these are final, except for where you see an "x" in the position - these players are not yet verified (and some may be removed from the game for 2015).
    • Salary cap - The 2015 cap is 37328 - very close to 2014's 37400.
      • Teams have been given their 2015 cap cash (the actual distribution is enough to get the team in your league with the smallest cash balance up to the cap level).
      • Post season cash awards for playoffs and Players of the Year are still to be awarded.
    • These players have been removed from the game and pulled from any rosters:
      • Brady Aiken (draft choice did not sign)
      • Josh Beckett (retired)
      • Adam Dunn (retired)
      • Derek Jeter (retired)
      • Kris Johnson (signed in Japan)
      • Paul Konerko (retired)
      • J.J. Putz (retired)
      • Brian Roberts (retired)
      • Alfonso Soriano (retired)
      • Oscar Taveras (deceased)
      • Other players dropped as well - the ones above were on BWB rosters


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - We're down to the final two in the Benchwarmer Bash:
    • #1 Seed: Crestone Current (111-39, Moneyball League) owner Kevin Connors
    • #2 Seed: The Natty Lights (111-39, Beer League) owner Jesse Roche
    • Both owners have won the Bash previously with different teams - Kevin in 2013 and Jesse in 2012 and 2011.
    • See the bracket
    • Final Result: Crestone defeated The 4-3; Congratulations Kevin!
  • Prepping for 2015 - Salaries almost complete - positions set soon - should be able to post those and open up your rosters for adjustments early this week!  (Maybe Monday, but not positive yet)



  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash  8 teams now down to 4 that remain in contention for one overall champion - Quarterfinals complete


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash - 8 Federation champs crowned, 4 league champions and 4 wild cards - they move on to the Benchwarmer Bash Bracket
    • Aaron: #7 Seed - Seattle Survivors (Hall of Fame) - Scott Campbell & Leif Jonson
    • Bench: #1 Seed - The Natty Lights (Beer) - Jesse Roche
    • Cobb: #2 Seed - London Groove Armada (Beatleball) - Sherman Wan
    • DiMaggio: #5 Seed - Windsor Wolverines (Motor City) - Tom Twomey
    • Eckersley: #1 Seed - Crestone Current (Moneyball) - Kevin Connors
    • Foxx: #1 Seed - Crumpton Roches (Murderers' Row) - Jesse Roche
    • Gehrig: #2 Seed - Phantastic Phantoms (Geek Pride) - David Henning
    • Hornsby: #1 Seed - Charleston Cannon Fodder (Blue and Gray) - Jerry King


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash  Federation Round: Semifinals complete


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash  Federation Round: Quarterfinals complete


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - League Championship Week
  • The field for the Benchwarmer Bash is complete
  • Congratulations to teams that won repeat league championships:
    • Batman League - Infinity Island Shadows - Robert Elias - won championship 4-0
    • Beer League - The Natty Lights - Jesse Roche - won 3rd straight championship 4-1
    • Deuces Wild League - Wet Hens - Roland Dupont - won championship 4-2
    • Firemen League - Smoke on the Water - Sherman Wan - won championship 4-0
    • Longball League - Trinidad Island Vikings - Leif Jonson - won 3rd straight championship 4-3
    • Motor City League - Windsor Wolverines - Tom Twomey - won championship 4-3
    • Pacific Northwest League - North by Northwest Crop Dusters - Danny Zaccaro - won championship 4-3
    • Winners Circle League - Crumpton Roches - Jesse Crumpton - going for 3 straight - won championship 4-0
  • Congratulations to owners with league championships in multiple leagues:
    • 6 leagues - Tom Twomey
    • 5 leagues - David Henning
    • 4 leagues - Sherman Wan
    • 3 leagues - ,Jesse Roche
    • 2 leagues - Ricardo Alexander, Roland Dupont, Robert Elias, Leif Jonson, Don Kruse


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - League Championship Week begins
  • For anyone still alive with a chance to be in the Benchwarmer Bash.  Playoff lineups can be reset again one more time that will cover all weeks of the Bash. Lineups are due Friday night, Oct 31 at 11:59 PM EDT.


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Conference Championship Week complete


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Bottom Feeder quarterfinals are complete - we move on to the semifinal round during games 4-6 this week.


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Conference Championship Week begins



  • Playoff Tiebreakers
    • In prep for the playoffs we need to resolve any ties for 2nd or 3rd place to figure out who goes to the Gore Cup and how reward money for division placement is distributed.
    • Now complete, including:
      • Tiebreakers for possible League Championship matchups
      • Conference championship home field advantage
      • Seeding for Gore Cup and Bottom Feeder Open tournaments


  • Congratulations to owners with multiple division wins:
    • 18 Teams - Tom Twomey
    • 12 Teams - Roland Dupont
    • 10 Teams - David Henning
    • 9 Teams - Michael Quinn
    • 8 Teams - Sherman Wan
    • 7 Teams - Don Kruse
    • 6 Teams - Robert Elias
    • 5 Teams - Kevin Connors (including co-owned team), Ken DeGroot, Jerry King, Michael Lehman, Tom McGraw, Jesse Roche
    • 4 Teams - Mike Cerny, Leif Johnson (including co-owned teams), Andrew Lehman, Jon Swanson
    • 3 Teams - Ricardo Alexander, Andy Deeble, Doug Schnack, Jacob Vass, Danny Zaccaro, Scott Campbell and Leif Jonson co-owned teams
    • 2 Teams - Phillip Dang, Michael Horvitz, Jason Kiernan, Mike Prohaska, Jamison Reese, Adam Wilson


  • I am back!  A few hiccups on travel Friday/Saturday pushed back my plans to get caught up...look for the playoffs brackets to be set up in the next few days, and my hope is to begin scoring the first round of games by Wednesday (maybe Thursday).  The overall goal will be to finish off the league championships by about the end of the World Series.
  • Meanwhile - since I don't need them yet, I'll reopen lineup changes for the first week of the playoffs until Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern.
  • Final recap of Division Champions from tiebreaker games on Sept 26: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Blue and Gray League - Sherman Division: Major Miracle (owner Roland Dupont - 12th win in 2014) - Second division crown; also won it in 2010
    • Deuces Wild League - Brett Division: Everglades Alligators (owner Michael Lehman - 5th win in 2014) - Third title; first since 2010
    • Firemen League - Smith Division: Mammoth Grizzlies (owner Michael Quinn - 9th win in 2014) - Repeat champion
    • Experts League - Print Division: Alcatraz Island Inmates (owner Michael Burkert) - Third title; Advanced to finals previous two times
    • Perfect World League - Kenny Rogers Division: Utopia Unicorns (owner David Henning - 10th win in 2014) - First division title; best finish had been 2nd in 2013
    • They Might Be Giants
      • Marichal Division: Edgewater Underwear Thieves (owner Tom Twomey - 18th win in 2014) - Won division title in all three of league's seasons
      • Terry Division: Centre County Gunslingers (owner Tom McGraw - 5th win in 2014) - First win after two straight 2nd place finishes


  • So - now comes the break in the schedule that I referred to last winter/spring.
  • Regular season is complete, but I'm on a trip for the next two weeks - we'll do the playoffs when I return.
  • Playoff lineups are due Saturday, October 11 - 3 PM Eastern.
  • In the meantime, maybe you want to give your input/opinion for potential Rule changes
    • I have a collection of items for consideration
      • Some things I'd like to fix
      • Some fixes I suggest based on comments in the past
      • Some direct suggestions from you in the past several months via email
      • Topics include: Trade deadline, Are "cash only" trades good or bad?, Dealing with lineup construction and bench usage or who should be considered for the starting lineup, Startup Draft, Redistribution Draft.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Blog for the items of discussion and enter your comments
    • No changes coming soon - probably not until November - but your input now and during the next few weeks will be valuable.


  • Seven division ties to break - RESULTS - Now the regular season is complete
    • Blue and Gray League - Sherman Division: Vicksburg Siege (Michael Lehman) at Major Miracle (Roland Dupont) -  - Result: Major 5  Vicksburg 4 - Box
      • Major won the season series 13-5
      • Major won 4 of 6 in the final three weeks.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Vicksburg 6-4 Major 5-5
    • Deuces Wild League - Brett Division: Bemidji Blue Ox (Sam Campbell) at Everglades Alligators (Michael Lehman) -  - Result: Everglades 5  Bemidji 2 - Box
      • Everglades won the season series 10-8
      • Everglades won 4 of 6 in the final three weeks.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Everglades 7-3 including winning the final 6; Bemidji 1-9 including losing the final 9
    • Firemen League - Smith Division: Venice Beach Longshots (Ken DeGroot) at Mammoth Grizzlies (Michael Quinn) -  - Result: Mammoth 4  Venice Beach 2 - Box
      • Mammoth won the season series 10-8
      • Venice Beach won 4 of 6 in the final three weeks.
      • Record for the last 10 games: Both went 5-5
    • Experts League - Print Division: Alcatraz Island Inmates (Michael Burkert) at South America Piranhas (BWB League Office - an orphan team) -  - Result: Alcatraz Island 6  South America 5 - Box
      • South America won the season series 11-7
      • South America won 4 of 6 in the final three weeks.
      • Record for the last 10 games: South America 6-4 Alcatraz Island 3-7
    • Perfect World League - Kenny Rogers Division:  Utopia Unicorns (David Henning) at Long Island Ducks (Bill Munger) -  - Result: Utopia 3  Long Island 2 - Box
      • Long Island won the season series 10-8
      • Utopia won 4 of 6 in the final two weeks.
      • Record for last 10 games: Long Island 7-3, Utopia 6-4
    • They Might Be Giants - Marichal Division:  Hampton Flashes (Roland Dupont) at Edgewater Underwear Thieves (Tom Twomey) -  - Result: Edgewater 2  Hampton 1 - Box
      • Edgewater won the season series 11-7
      • Hampton won 4 of 6 in the final three weeks.
      • Record for last 10 games: Hampton 9-1  Edgewater 4-6
    • They Might Be Giants - Terry Division:  Centre County Gunslingers (Tom McGraw) at Alcatraz Inmates (Michael Quinn) -  - Result: Centre County 3  Alcatraz 2 - Box
      • Alcatraz won the season series 11-7
      • The teams split 3-3 in the final three weeks of the season
      • Record for last 10 games: Centre County 8-2  Alcatraz 2-8, including losing the final 5 games

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