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Benchwarmer News


  • Welcome to Benchwarmer Baseball - It's a different form of fantasy baseball as we play individual head-to-head games simulated from daily MLB stats - this isn't a Rotisserie game.
    • This is fantasy baseball 365 days a year.  Teams are now starting preparations to get their teams ready for the regular season - picking up to 28 players on their rosters to keep into the next season while letting the rest go.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Baseball Tour for an introduction.
    • New 16-team leagues are now forming for 2016.  But, if you'd like to attempt to turn around a struggling team, these orphan teams are available...pick up an existing team and rebuild it, rather than start from scratch.
      • If you're a first-time owner, you play under the "rookie rate" of $35 for your first team (normal price, $65)
      • Orphan teams are also just $35 - about 1/2 the normal price.
      • If you're interested, your first step is to sign up here.  Then go ahead and pick out a new league or check out the orphan list again.
    • Are you already a BWB team owner and want to add teams?  Check first to see if you have an available bonus team from 2015 or else add new teams here.  Email us if you want an orphan team and we'll set you up.


  • Player salaries are FINAL.  Salary adjustments were made for 239 players, most at less than 5%.  These players had salaries that went up more than 25%:
    • Paul Goldschmidt: 40.9%
    • Bryce Harper: 35.9%
    • Josh Donaldson: 35.2%
    • Jake Arrieta: 31.9%
    • Mike Trout: 30.5%
    • Dallas Keuchel: 30.3%
    • Nolan Arenado: 29.2%
    • Manny Machado: 27.4%
    • Clayton Kershaw: 26.1%
    • Joey Votto: 26.1%
    • Jose Altuve: 25.9%
  • Some retired players automatically removed from rosters.
  • Positions with an "x" at the end still need to be verified - it will probably be early December until that's complete.
  • Players of the year are now final standings - there's a financial update posted for those cash awards.

Did You Know? BWB is now listed on John Skilton's Baseball Links


  • This is the week for me making mistakes...I was supposed to award cash for final division finish before calculating the salary cap.  So I've had to redo some financial updates:
    • 11/11 - Bonus cash awarded for division finish
    • 11/12 - Salary cap recalculated - Now 36264 (not 37729) - and distributions given to teams
    • 11/13 - Bonus cash awarded for playoff results


  • Player Salaries
    • Salaries are final after "premium adjustments" that bump up salaries for MLB statistical leaders and MLB award winners.  This includes MVP winners - which won't be announced until November 19 - so salaries will be finalized within a few days of that.
    • One correction - Cleveland RP Cody Anderson now has been updated to have a salary of 518 instead of 100.
  • DH only? - I made some adjustments...including reading the rule book about positions after a couple of people asked me about it, and adjusted some players that had originally been marked DH-only.  Right now, the only 2 players for 2016 who are DH-only are Alex Rodriguez and Billy Butler
  • There will be some rule changes coming up, so stay tuned over the next few weeks and before you make too many trade/cut decisions
  • New leagues are now open - any draft date shown is an estimate and will become final only when a league fills with 16 teams.
  • Orphan teams are available - this list will grow as some teams decide not to return for 2016
  • Bonus teams - There are a number of bonus teams out there and available:
    • As part of payback for web problems over the summer, every owner received one extra bonus team (except Cooperstown Club have unlimited teams).
    • Also because of web issues, any unclaimed bonus teams for the 2015 season were rolled over rather than forfeited
    • League champs, Conference champs, and teams that won the Gore Cup or Bottom Feeder Open earned extra bonus teams
    • Bonus teams can be used for new or orphan teams OR you can give them away to someone else for a new or orphan team


  • Getting ready for 2016:
    • First step before you can do any trading or pick your carryover players - indicate if you're keeping each of your teams in 2016.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is December 31 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.
    • Rosters are open to start making carryover choices and for trades
    • Trades are now open - you have until November 29 for the first trade session.  The second session will extend through Dec 20.
    • You can also begin choosing your carryover players - visit your team roster(s) for a link to do that.  Final deadline is January 3.
    • Player salaries updated for 2016 - these are NOT YET FINAL
    • Positions updated for 2016 - these are final, except for where you see an "x" in the position or secondary position - these players are not yet verified (and some may be removed from the game for 2016).
    • Salary cap - The 2016 cap is 37729 - very close to 2015's 37328.
      • Teams have been given their 2016 cap cash (the actual distribution is enough to get the team in your league with the smallest cash balance up to the cap level).
      • Post season cash awards for playoffs and Players of the Year are still to be awarded.
    • Players who have retired have yet to be removed from your teams and the player lists
    • There are a bunch of bonus teams out there - more on that on Thursday


  • Things to know headed into the postseason - and prepping for 2016.
  • Prepping for 2016 - I'm working on player salaries and positions for next season.  By Tuesday night, I'll have set up your options to indicate if you are keeping your team for 2016, new orphans, and allow you to start setting your carryover players for your roster.


  • 2015 Benchwarmer Playoffs - We're down to the final two in the Benchwarmer Bash:
    • #1 Seed: Lake Erie Storm (99-51, Cleveland Rocks League champion) owner David Henning
    • #6 Seed: Towanda Teetotalers (97-53, Commissioners League champion) owner Jay Snyder
    • Neither owner has ever won the Benchwarmer Bash.
    • See the bracket
    • Final Result: Towanda defeated Lake Erie 4-2; Congratulations Jay!






  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Finals Complete - Games 1-7 posted.  Winners move on to the Benchwarmer Bash Round of 8
  • Congratulations to the 2015 Federation Champions:
    • Aaron Federation: Chicago Haymarket Bombers, Bronx Bombers League, Michael Quinn
    • Bench Federation: Winterfell Direwolves, Silver Screen League, Sherman Wan
    • Cobb Federation: Underground Cardinals, Beatleball, Michael Quinn
    • DiMaggio Federation: Orion's Solar Kings, Redbirds League, David Henning
    • Eckersley Federation: Crumpton Roches, Experts League, Jesse Roche
    • Foxx Federation: Lake Erie Storm, Cleveland Rocks League, David Henning
    • Gehrig Federation: Towanda Teetotalers, Commissioners League, Jay Snyder
    • Hornsby Federation: Infinity Island Shadows, Batman League, Robert Elias


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Semifinals Complete - Games 6-7 posted.  Federation Finals begin Monday
  • Benchwamer Bash - Federation Finals - Matchups:
    • Aaron Federation: Chicago, Bronx Bombers (Michael Quinn) vs Brick, Anchorman (Tom Twomey)
    • Bench Federation: The, Beer (Jesse Roche) vs Winterfell, Silver Screen (Sherman Wan)
    • Cobb Federation: Chicago, North Siders (Rick Furtak) vs Underground, Beatleball (Michael Quinn)
    • DiMaggio Federation: Men Injecting Men 2, Four Star (Christian Ingram) vs Orion's, Redbirds (David Henning)
    • Eckersley Federation: Erebor, Golden Throat (David Henning) vs Crumpton, Experts (Jesse Roche)
    • Foxx Federation: Dave's, Triple Crown (David Henning) vs Lake Erie, Cleveland Rocks (David Henning)
    • Gehrig Federation: Towanda, Commissioners (Jay Snyder) vs Conspiracy, Minnie & Paul (Adam Wilson)
    • Hornsby Federation: Infinity Island, Batman (Robert Elias) vs Kersh & Trouty, Batman (Sherman Wan)


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Semifinals - Games 4-5 posted (earlier than planned). Next update expected either very late Saturday night or on Sunday morning.



  • Benchwarmer Bash - Evening update - Federation Quarterfinals - Games 6-7 posted (Games 4-5 were up this morning).  Semifinals begin on Friday.
  • Congratulations to BWB team owners who won multiple league championships in 2015:
    • 11 Titles: David Henning
    • 8 Titles: Tom Twomey
    • 5 Titles: Sherman Wan
    • 3 Titles: Jesse Roche
    • 2 Titles: Ricardo Alexander, Jerry King, Doug Schnack, Jay Snyder, Jim Sowerby


  • Stay tuned as site/roster/player updates start to take us into 2016.  It's possible some may start late this week or during the weekend - but things may be a little quiet until the first week of November.
  • In the meantime, we're starting the Benchwarmer Bash.  This is a season-ending tournament to crown one champion for all of BWB.
    • First up, we play to crown 8 Federation Champions
    • Federation Quarterfinals - Games 1-3 posted.  Next update on Thursday.



  • Playoffs - Championship Week - Games 5 & 6 posted - Playoffs for all leagues - All your playoff teams
  • Game 7 coming on Monday.
  • A note on developing seedings in the Benchwarmer Bash.  Any listed wild cards shown in italics are tentative and subject to be knocked out if a higher-ranked team doesn't win its league championship.
  • Deadline for any lineup changes for Bash teams is Monday night, October 26 at midnight Pacific (10/27 3 AM EDT).


  • Playoffs - Championship Week - Game 4 posted - Playoffs for all leagues - All your playoff teams
  • What to look for in the schedule?  Games 5 & 6 on Sunday.  Game 7 on Monday.
  • Seedings and wild card slots are starting to take shape for the Benchwarmer Bash.  If your team has a shot to make it, you have one final shot for a lineup change that will cover the entire range of games for the Federation tournaments and the Bash.  Deadline is Monday night, October 26 at midnight Pacific (10/27 3 AM EDT).


  • My fault - guess I didn't finish off Game 3 and thought I did...all of Game 3 for all leagues now up.  I'm a day behind plan - let's look for Game 4 on Saturday and we'll see what goes from there.
  • Early look at the potential field for the Benchwarmer Bash - Wild cards are subject to change depending on the results of league championships.



  • Playoffs - Championship Week - Game 1 posted - Playoffs for all leagues
  • Here's a new page for those of you with multiple teams trying to quickly get to the right playoff pages - including a listing of which teams are still active - All your playoff teams
  • Game 2 coming Thursday


  • 2015 in Review:
    • Of the 41 league champions in 2014, 28 of them repeated as division winners - 22 are still alive with conference championships and a chance for a repeat league title.
  • Congratulations to owners still alive with multiple conference wins:
    • 15 Teams - David Henning (out of 20 division winners)
    • 11 Teams - Tom Twomey (out of 15)
    • 6 Teams - Sherman Wan (out of 9)
    • 5 Teams - Michael Quinn (out of 19)
    • 4 Teams - Jerry King (out of 7), Jesse Roche (out of 5), Jay Snyder (out of 5)
    • 3 Teams - Ricardo Alexander (out of 4), Ken DeGroot (out of 4), Jamison Reese (out of 3)
    • 2 Teams - Kevin Connors (out of 5), Phillip Dang (out of 3), Roland Dupont (out of 3), Robert Elias (out of 3), Leif Johnson (out of 4, including one remaining co-owned team), Don Kruse (out of 5), Michael Lehman (out of 5), Doug Schnack (out of 3), Danny Zaccaro (out of 5)


  • Playoffs - Week 1 is complete - Game 7 posted - See playoffs for all leagues
  • Reminder that you can make lineup changes for the 2nd week if you're still alive. Deadline is tonight - Monday night October 19 at midnight Pacific (Tuesday morning 3 AM Eastern).
  • Actually I can't find this in the rules so it may just be stated every season - you can fully redo your pitching rotation in between weeks:
    • We assume there's enough rest between starts that at the beginning of the second week, we don't look backward to the previous week to check for 4 days of rest.
      • For example - If your P1 pitched in a clinching Game 6 of the first week, his spot still comes up first in the 2nd playoff week - and he will pitch.
      • You can also move them around the rotation spots without worrying about the games of rest in between weeks.
      • The 4 games of rest in between starts does hold within any given playoff week.
    • There's no penalty for moving players into the rotation from spot, taxi, or minors in the second week (you don't know what games are coming up next).
    • Pitching performances will not be repeated within this 2-week stretch, even if it's the closest start to the random MLB game used for playoff scoring.
  • We'll start posting Week 2 results - Championship Week - as soon as possible - perhaps as soon as Tuesday night.


  • Playoffs - Week 1 - Games 5 & 6 posted - See playoffs for all leagues
  • Game 7 either very late Sunday or on Monday morning.
  • If you choose to change your lineup between playoff weeks, the deadline is Monday night October 19 at midnight Pacific (Tuesday morning 3 AM Eastern).

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