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Benchwarmer News



  • Week Twenty-five Transactions Posted - Week Twenty-six deadline is tentatively set for Sunday, September 29, at 1 PM EDT.
  • The next set of games won't come until Monday night
  • 21 Division Champions from the September 13 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • A League About Nothing Peterman Division: New York Library Detectives (owner Robert Elias - 3rd win in 2019) - 2-time defending league champion
    • American Association
      • Pittsburgh Alleghenys Division: Area 51 ET's (owner Jerry King - 3rd win in 2019) - First division win - team finished 2nd twice before, including 2018
      • Cincinnati Red Stockings Division: Buckeye Bombers (owner David Henning - 6th win in 2019) - 4th division win - league champion in 2015
    • B Movie Actor League - My Name is Bruce Division: Don't Let Me Down (owner Jason Kiernan - 3rd win in 2019) - First time on top - best previous finish had been 3rd place
    • Beer League - Hops Division: Kingfisher Ale Slammers (owner Tom Twomey) - 9th consecutive division win; Only league championship was 2011
    • Chevy Chase League - Emmit Fitz-Hume Division: Gashouse Gorillas (owner Michael Quinn - 2nd win in 2019) - First division title since 2012 - 5th overall
    • Commissioners League - Giamatti Division: Towanda Teetotalers (owner Jay Snyder - 2nd win in 2019) - 2-time defending league champion - looking for 4th overall
    • Federal League
      • Brooklyn Tip-Tops Division: Wrigley Bleacher Bums (owner Jason Kiernan - 4th win in 2019) - Returns to playoffs for first time since 2015
      • Buffalo Buffeds Division: Provence Renegades (owner Ken DeGroot - 2nd win in 2019) - Best previous finish had been 2nd place (3 times)
    • Fenway Fenatics - Boggs Division: Plymouth Panthers (owner Mark Aisenbrey) - Repeat winner; Has advanced to the finals with previous 4 division wins, but looking for first league championship
    • Grand Slam League - Murray Division: Dushore Dopplegangers (owner Jay Snyder - 3rd win in 2019) - Third consecutive division win
    • Hall of Fame League - Cooperstown Division: Chicxulub Revolution (owner Sherman Wan - 4th win in 2019) - 12th division title in 19 seasons; Defending league champion
    • Home of the Brave - Niekro Division: Shawnee Fighting Eagles (owner David Henning - 7th win in 2019) - Defending league champion
    • The Kings of Queens - Hernandez Division: Heffernan's Henchmen (owner Michael Rudolph - 4th win in 2019) - First division crown; best previous finish in 9 seasons was 2nd in 2012
    • Moneyball League - Scott Hatteberg Division: Jenks Jerks (owner Tom Twomey - 2nd win in 2019) - 3rd time on top - most recent playoff berth was 2016
    • Motor City League - Newhouser Division: Atlanta Wolverines (owner Ricardo Alexander - 6th win in 2019) - 2-time defending league champ; 4th division title
    • Redbirds League - Smith Division: Brazil 2014 Canarinho (owner Leif Jonson - 5th win in 2019) - 5th straight title, 8th oveall - League champion in 2016
    • South Siders League - Fox Division: Wimpy's Hawks (owner Dave Matter - 3rd win in 2019) - First division win - 2 previous 2nd place finishes, including last year
    • Three of a Kind League - Speaker Division: Mt. Eaton Hooters (owner Dave Matter - 4th win in 2019) - 1st win since 2015 - League champion in 2014 & 2015
    • Will Ferrell League - Old School Division: Kingston Bad Bwoys (owner Ricardo Alexander - 7th win in 2019) - Defending league champion
    • Winners Circle League - Alexander Division: Vandalay Architects (owner Don Kruse) - 4th straight title; 5th overall - no league wins yet


  • Week 24 Begins - Games 139-140 posted - See results
    • Who are we waiting on?  These teams have played the fewest MLB games (through 9/12):
      • 145 games - Det, Was
      • 146 games - Bal, ChC, CWS, Mia, Mil, Min, NYM, Phi, SD, StL
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game number to determine which BWB game can be scored
    • Next score update is expected Sunday or Monday.
    • Around BWB

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  • Week 23 Statistics and Players of the Week
  • 21 Division Champions from the September 11 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • A League About Nothing Newman Division: Wild Men (owner Roland Dupont) - First division title
    • Blame Canada League - Stan Division: House of Trudeau (owner Brian Haines - 2nd win in 2019) - Repeat winner, 6th overall; League champ in 2016
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Campanella Division: Wisconsin Dawgs (owner Greg Flees) - 4th straight title, 7th overall; League champ in 2012
    • Cleveland Rocks - Boudreau Division: North Coast Wahoos (owner Michael Rudolph - 3rd win in 2019) - 1st division win in league's 7th season; finished 2nd twice
    • Commissioners League - Chandler Division: Budapest Buskers (owner Jon Swanson) - 2nd division win in 11 seasons
    • Experts League - Print Division: Mayan Warriors (owner Robert Elias - 2nd win in 2019) - Defending league champ; 5th division win
    • Firemen League - Wagner Division: Kingston Reggae Boys (owner Ricardo Alexander - 4th win in 2019) - 3rd consecutive title; 6th in 7 years - looking for first league championship
    • Grunge League Hole Division: Kentucky McGraws (owner Tom McGraw) - Finished 3rd, 27 GB in league's first season last year
    • The Kings of Queens - Harrelson Division: Waynedale Golden Bears (owner Dave Matter - 2nd win in 2019) - First division title in the league's 10th season - had finished 2nd 4 times
    • Longball League - Robinson Division: Trinidad Island Vikings (owner Leif Jonson - 3rd win in 2019) - 10th division title - back after losing 101 games in 2018; 3-time league champ
    • Moneyball League - David Justice Division: TINSTAAPP Leifs (owner Leif Jonson - 4th win in 2019) - 3rd division crown; League champ in 2016
    • Pacific Northwest League - Huskies Division: North By Northwest Crop Dusters (owner Danny Zaccaro) - 5th division win, first since 2016; 3-time league champ
    • Perfect World League - Randy Johnson Division: Erie Seawolves (owner Doug Schnack) - 1st division win in the league's 10th season; had finished 2nd only once (2016)
    • Steel City League
      • Wagner Division: House of Lannister (owner Brian Haines - 3rd win in 2019) - 3rd division win in 6 seasons
      • Traynor Division: Hershey Special O.P.S. (owner David Henning - 4th win in 2019) - Only team to win this division in the league's 6 seasons; no league titles yet
    • Superman League - Dean Cain Division: Fusilli Jerries (owner John Hula) - 3rd division win for the franchise
    • ThirtyThirtysomething League Ron Gant Division: Atomic Oxygen (owner Jim Duzyk) - Inaugural season
    • Tobacco Road League Blue Devils Division: Kingston Ganja Smokers (owner Ricardo Alexander - 5th win in 2019) - Inaugural season
    • Triple Crown League - Klein Division: Underwater Flying Submarines (owner Jason Kiernan) - 4th consecutive win, 6th overall; Won league crown in 2016 and 2017
    • Whiff League Wille Stargell Division: Global Stars on 45 (owner David Henning - 5th win in 2019) - Inaugural season
    • White Elephant League - Fingers Division: Who's on First? Abbott or Costello (owner Jason Kiernan - 2nd win in 2019) - Repeat winner


  • Free agent signings are closed for the season.  The only available transactions now are cuts and moves to IR.


  • 9 Division Champions from the September 7 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • A League About Nothing Elaine Division: WHO DAT! (owner Skip Hohensee - 2nd win in 2019) - Repeat winner
    • Beatleball - McCartney Division: The Curiousness of Your Potential Kiss (owner Sherman Wan - 3rd win in 2019) - 9th consecutive title; 13th overall
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Drysdale Division: Southeast Northern State Westerners (owner Leif Jonson - 2nd win in 2019) - Repeat title, 5th overall; 2011 league champ
    • Fenway Fenatics - Cronin Division: Centauri Cosmic Conundrum (owner David Henning - 2nd win in 2019) - League champion 3 of the last 4 seasons, going for 3rd in a row
    • Grunge League Alice in Chains Division: Saturn Ringers (owner David Henning - 3rd win in 2019) - Finshed 2nd last year in league's first season
    • Marxball - Chico Division: Orrville Knights (owner Michael Rudolph - 2nd win in 2019) - Lost 95 games last year; finished 4th in both of league's previous seasons
    • Moneyball League - Ron Washington Division: Paso Robles Zinfindels (owner Ken DeGroot) - 2nd time on top (also 2017)
    • Phightin' Phils League Klein Division: Mt. Eaton Fox Squirrels (owner Dave Matter) - 2-time defending league champion
    • They Might Be Giants - Hubbell Division: Herrickville Haberdashers (owner Jay Snyder) - Repeat winner, 5th overall; 2012 league champion


  • 6 Division Champions from the September 6 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Beer League - Yeast Division: The Natty Lights (owner Jesse Roche - 2nd win in 2019) - Defending league champion (4 total); 10th straight division title
    • Blue and Gray League - Jackson Division: Charleston Cannon Fodder (owner Jerry King - 2nd win in 2019) - 10th division win in 11 seasons; 3-time league champion
    • Bronx Bombers League - Ford Division: Violent Delights (owner Sherman Wan - 2nd win in 2019) - Repeat division winner
    • Marxball - Zeppo Division: Kingston FC (owner Ricardo Alexander - 2nd win in 2019) - Repeat win
    • Reality Bites - Bachelor Division: Memphis Bighitters (owner Michael Quinn) - 9th division win; League champ in 2011
    • Steel City League - Kiner Division: Atlanta Golden Krust (owner Ricardo Alexander - 3rd win in 2019) - 3rd division crown


  • 3 Division Champions from the September 4 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Reality Bites - Fear Factor Division: Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympians (owner Leif Jonson) - First playoff berth since 2009, when they won league championship; 4th overall title
    • Scooby Doo League - Daphne Division: North DeLisle Rangers (owner Sherman Wan) - Defending league champion; 4th division title
    • Whiff League - Sammy Sosa Division: Center City Flashbacks (owner Charlie Penn) - Inaugural season


  • 4 Division Champions from the September 2 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Experts League - Blogs Division: Sumer Anunnaki (owner Brian Haines) - 4th division win - first since 2015; League champ in 2014
    • Gone But Not Forgotten League - Philadelphia Athletics Division: Center City Flashbacks (owner David Henning) - Inaugural season
    • Scooby Doo League - Shaggy Division: Rittman Corked Bats (owner Michael Rudolph) - Repeat division winner - 3rd overall
    • Winners Circle League - Mathewson Division: Los Angeles Baconators (owner Jerry King) - 4th consecutive division championship


  • Reminder - this is the final week to sign free agents for the regular season/post season.


  • 3 Division Champions from the September 1 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Anchorman League - Rather Division: Roto Baseball Thunder (owner Skip Hohensee) - Repeat division winner, 3rd in franchise history
    • Golden Throat League - Haray Carey Division: Atlanta Gangsters (owner Ricardo Alexander) - First division title since 2007 - looking for first league championship
    • South Siders League - Faber Division: El Dorado Conquistadors (owner Robert Elias) - 4th straight division win; League champ in 2017


  • Roughly about the same time every year...congratulations to our first Division Champion: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Moneyball League - Art Howe Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche) - 7th division title in league's 7 seasons; Defending league champ and won 2 other times


  • A reminder of what's coming up of importance in the BWB calendar - See the season schedule for details.
    • Week 23 - deadline Sunday 9/1 - "roster expansion" - taxi squad and minor league players can fill in as an extended bench for the final three weeks of the season - See the rules regarding September call ups
    • Week 24 - deadline Sunday 9/8 - final week to sign free agents for the 2019 season/post-season


  • Reminder: Every 5 weeks we change the transaction deadline day to better match the mapping between MLB games and BWB games.  Starting this week, and for Weeks 21-25 our lineup/transaction deadlines are due on Sundays at 1 PM Eastern
  • This is your final chance to move any players to the Prospects Roster.  Week 21 is the final week to make that move.


  • Trades are closed for the 2019 season


  • Don't forget - starting with Week 16 games, the financial aspects of regular season performance changed:
    • The reward for each win changed from 50K to 75K (and goes to 100K starting in Week 21)
    • The funds to help 4th place teams were reduced and goes to zero for the final 5 weeks of the season
    • Don't leave cash on the table for your team next season by becoming a completely non-competitive team the rest of the way


  • This week is the trade deadline!


  • With Game 100 scored and posted, we've hit the 2/3 mark of the regular season


  • Planning Ahead - Taking a look at the upcoming schedule
    • Week 19 - Deadline Monday, August 5 - this will be a short week with deadline moved to Monday night
    • Week 20 (8/12/19) - Trade deadline
    • Week 21 (8/18/19)
      • Weekly deadlines move to Sundays at 1PM Eastern
      • Final week to move any players to the prospect roster
    • Week 23 - "Roster expansion" begins - for games in Weeks 23-25, taxi squad and minor league players may fill in for lineup holes
    • Some dates may be subject to change - check the schedule for the entire season

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