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Benchwarmer News



  • Week 3 Begins - Games 13-14 posted - See Results
    • Who are we waiting on?  These teams have played the fewest games (through 4/30)
      • 19 games: CWS
      • 20 games: Bal, ChC
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game # to determine how many BWB games can be scored
    • Next score update: Monday night for Games 15-16
    • Around BWB


  • Week 2 Statistics and Players of the Week
  • It's early for some of the trends to fully be relevant, but here's a page introduced in 2014 that does some comparisons across all 44 leagues - Around BWB


  • FYI - in situations of suspended games, like Friday night's KC-CWS game, we count the game/stats at time of game completion.
  • Also a reminder, I pull game stats the day after a game is played.  As corrections or scoring changes come in, I make those changes.  But once a BWB game is played, there is no going back to take into consideration the corrected stats to fix a completed game.

Did You Know? You have until the end of July to submit contract extensions

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  • Full payment was due April 12 - there are still some outstanding amounts due - check your status for 2015 and learn more about season and lifetime packages
    • If you do not see "Yes" in the confirmed column, I do not have your payment or indication that it's on the way.  I will start locking transactions for your teams on Wednesday night.
    • After a couple of years of being slack on this, I will hold to the payment deadlines and transaction/roster restrictions as last season some teams fell through the cracks.  Contact me if you have any complications.


  • Cash for games won and division placement works on a 2-week lag.  So the results for Week 1 games will be converted into cash disbursements for Week 3 (etc., etc.).




  • BWB 2015 Schedule Posted.  How to find this on a regular basis?
    • When games are scored - the home page notice will link to the schedule
    • On your league's home page, find the link "This Week's Games"
    • On any page, down in the footer, find the link "Results"



  • Week 1 Transactions posted - Week 2 deadline is Sunday, April 19 at 1 PM Eastern
    • This is the first big influx of new players to the player list
    • To find new players on the free agent list, choose the proper week number that players are first eligible for signing - with this group, you'll find them via "Week 2" (after tonight's posting...they are not there yet)
  • When's the first game?
    • We use batting stats 5 games ahead of our BWB game # in order to queue up enough pitching stats, so a team's MLB game #6 is used for BWB game #1.
    • Weather permitting, Chicago and St. Louis will be the last teams to get to Game 6 - on Monday (thanks to a rainout already) - and that makes Tuesday the earliest we can post a game.
    • Usually it's more time-effective to score 2-3 games at a time, but often doing a single game first helps me clear the cobwebs on how to do this again for the first time since Oct...so look for a game on Tuesday or Wednesday night. (I also need to fit time in to finish up taxes...so that's going to have to come first)


  • Don't forget that if you own multiple teams you can see the transaction results for all your leagues one page, along with other helpful links like a listing of all your rosters or a list of all your players on every team.  See Multiteam Tools



  • Again see some Week Zero Reminders - here are some common questions:
    • I use the 2000 everyone gets in your best benefit
      • For teams trying to get below the 5000 maximum cash balance, don't worry - the 2000 doesn't get added to your balance until AFTER checking and possibly reducing your cash
      • For teams who are on the other side of the spectrum - with very little cash left, the 2000 will be figured into any free agent signings, trades, IR fees, etc.
    • The salary rebate for players has gone from 50% to 80% starting this week
    • If you're cutting players and you get a salary rebate - that extra cash WILL be checked against your team's cash balance and the maximum 5000.  If the rebate causes your balance to go over 5000, you'll lose the excess.


  • Deadline Monday 4/6 at 11:59 PM Eastern - Week Zero Reminders - include maximum cash balance of 5000 heading into season, a cash distribution of 2000 to everyone, and you must have a legal roster after this week's transactions!  Setting your first week's lineup is not due until April 12.
  • Scooby Doo League Draft - Phase Two Draft, Part Three complete
    • See the Scooby Doo Draft Index for updates
    • Rosters and finances updated
    • Startup draft is complete!  Your league now enters normal weekly transactions - with a short week ahead..deadline is Monday night


  • Week minus 1 Transactions Posted - Week Zero deadline is Monday, April 6 11:59 PM EDT - this is an extension from what would have been 7 PM Sunday.
  • You'll have a short turnaround time before Week 1 lineups due Sunday, April 12 - so use this coming week to do as much setting as possible.


  • Scooby Doo League Draft - Phase Two Draft, Part Two complete


  • ORPHAN SALE - Price cut on the remaining orphan teams from $35 to $15 for the 2015 Season
  • Week zero transactions are due Monday April 6 - teams in returning leagues will lose any cash balance left over 5000 at that time (and then all teams get an extra 2000).  Starting this year there are exceptions to this rule:
    • Any orphan teams acquired by an owner for his/her initial season of BWB are not subject to the maximum cash balance
    • Any orphan teams acquired where the extra 4000 cash is credited on Week -2 or later does not have to quickly reduce (We're currently in Week -1, so pick up an orphan now and your cash is safe)
    • And - in an added ruling change - any teams currently in orphan status will not be subject to a cut


  • Quick reminder of 2015 rules changes - including a new transaction fee for IR moves (refundable if the player is on IR for 11 or more weeks).  I'll make a decision on possible changes to lineups by next week (I couldn't look at it in time for the intended March 1 decsion).
  • Contract extensions are now open.  Unless you need to cut cash reserves down below 5000, I always suggest you wait until July.


  • Scooby Doo League Draft - Phase One Draft complete


  • Welcome to Benchwarmer Baseball - It's a different form of fantasy baseball as we play individual head-to-head games simulated from daily MLB stats - this isn't a Rotisserie game.
    • This is fantasy baseball 365 days a year.  Teams are now making final preparations to get their teams ready for the regular season.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Baseball Tour for an introduction.
    • We are not drafting any additional new leagues for 2015.  But, if you'd like to attempt to turn around a struggling team, these orphan teams are available...pick up an existing team and rebuild it, rather than start from scratch.
      • Orphan teams are just $35 - about 1/2 the normal price.
      • If you're interested, your first step is to sign up here.  Then check out the orphan list again and send us your choice.
    • Are you already a BWB team owner and want to add teams?  Email us if you want an orphan team and we'll set you up.


  • Scooby Doo League Draft - Phase One Draft underway
    • See the Scooby Doo Draft Index for updates
    • Tuesday posting #3 - Resolution of contested picks for players picked by 3 or more teams.
  • Scooby Doo draft - a few fixes on the second page of contested results for salary 100 (this is still a manual process, so please let me know if you find errors).
  • A couple of site updates
    • It looks like the transaction error-checking never accounted for the number of players making over 250 when you put a guy on Injured Reserve.  It handles the 40-man roster limit OK.  I'll look at fixing that soon, but in the meantime, if you're getting a "250 error" even when putting a guy making more than 250 on IR, you should be OK for now.
    • There is still an email issue that I haven't solved - trade email and other automated email may not reach intended targets - particularly if the recipient has gmail or yahoo (only 2 of the biggest ones).
    • Until email is fixed:


  • Scooby Doo League Draft. Phase One Draft - Posted today: Unique draft picks, a listing of the number of teams picking contested players, and resolution of contested picks for players with Salary 100.


  • Redistribution Draft - Results posted for Round 5 for all leagues - Redistribution Draft is COMPLETE
    • Normal transactions now begin: free agent signings / cuts / trades - all are in play
    • You have three more transaction weeks before your roster is set for Opening Day
    • Week -2 deadline is Sunday, March 22 7 PM EDT
    • Contract extensions will be activated by Monday or Tuesday
  • American Association Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part Four Complete
    • See the American Association Draft Index for updates
    • Rosters and team finances updated
    • Startup draft is complete!  Hang on until after the Redistribution Draft is posted for returning leagues and we'll open up the league for normal transactions.
  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part Four Complete
    • See the Royal Flush Draft Index for updates
    • Rosters and team finances updated
    • Startup draft is complete!  Hang on until after the Redistribution Draft is posted for returning leagues and we'll open up the league for normal transactions.


  • Scooby Doo League will be the final new league to draft for 2015.  Are you just signing up for Benchwarmer for the first time? Do you have extra bonus teams that you want to use?  We still have plenty of orphan teams available who need owners!
  • Included in the orphan teams is one remaining team in the Moneyball League.  This is a private league that collects its own fees and in turn offers its own prizes.  Let me know if you're interested and I can get you in touch with the league owner.


  • Scooby Doo League - league is full! and the final due date for your draft list is Sunday night March 15 at 7 PM EDT.  Check out the Scooby Doo Draft Index which includes links to past drafts as examples.
  • American Association Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part Three Complete


  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part Three Complete
  • Redistribution Draft - Results posted for Round 4 for all leagues


  • American Association Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part Two Complete


  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part Two Complete



  • American Association Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part One Complete



  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase Two Draft, Part One Complete


  • American Association Draft. Phase One Draft
    • See the American Association Draft Index for updates
    • Rosters populated with the awarded players; Finances updated
    • Phase Two Draft (Part 1) is now open - Picks are due Monday, Feb 23 at Noon EST


  • American Association Draft. Phase One Draft - Posted today: Resolution of contested picks for players of Salary > 100 picked by 2 teams.


  • Redistribution Draft - Lists reopened for you to adjust Rounds 2-5
    • Deadline - Sunday, Feb. 22 Noon EST for Round 2
    • Lists for Rounds 2-5 are set up to remain legal lists - you should not have to touch them if you don't want to do so - and the draft for Round 2 will proceed normally:
      • If during Round 1 processing, we had to move up players from later rounds in order to get you three players, all the remaining picks were moved up in order, so you should be set automatically with someone in Round 2, Pick 1 and beyond.
      • Any players you have left in your list in Rounds 2-5 who have already been selected have been retained so that the list stays intact - but we've marked on the list which players are already gone so that you can replace them.


  • Redistribution Draft - Results posted for Round 1 for all leagues
  • American Association Draft - I missed finishing the players picked by 2 teams by 1 day before hitting all kinds of Redistribution Draft work.  I'll pick that up later this week and finish off the Phase One Draft
  • Royal Flush League - Phase Two Draft - list submissions due Thursday 2/12 at Noon EST


  • Redistribution Draft
    • Results from Round 1 posted on the Transactions page.  Rosters and financial balances are updated
    • I'm about a day behind planned schedule due to all the orphan lists I needed to finish on Sunday - reopening the draft list and getting it to display correctly will take a little more time and I'm headed out of town on Wednesday...
    • So for this first attempt to update the picks weekly and to get everything working, we'll adjust the Round 2 due date to Feb. 22 instead of Feb 15.  Expect weekly submissions for Rounds 3-5.


  • Redistribution Draft - Lists due TODAY with extended deadline to 7 PM EST.
    • Only Round 1 will be processed this week and then you get a shot to readjust your list - but remember that each team gets three players at a time, so make sure you pick at least enough rounds/picks to ensure you get three players when it's your turn.
    • Quick link - See all your Redistribution Draft lists on one page - including errors:
      • You'll find there a link to pick the same player(s) for each of your teams to save some time
      • If you have leftover incomplete picks and errors, you can also with one click remove all the incompletes (make sure you're not using the link to clear all your entire drafts).

See the News Archive for older headlines.