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  • There are some things on the website that seem to be causing some errors - like trying to switch leagues and logging on to the site.
    • At the moment (8:15 AM EST), the logon process is working again.  If you have trouble, try again later. The "remember me" function should work to allow you to connect without logging on if you've been on BWB in the last 30 days.
    • Also when you switch leagues, you might get an error screen - if that happens just try again to access the site and it should be OK.
    • I'll look for the problem, but I won't be able to fix anything until Monday night.


  • Getting ready for 2018:
    • First step before you can do any trading or pick your carryover players - indicate if you're keeping each of your teams in 2018.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is December 16 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.
    • Rosters are open to start making carryover choices and for trades
    • Trades are now open - you have until December 3 for the first trade session.  The second session will extend through Dec 17.
    • You can also begin choosing your carryover players - visit your team roster(s) for a link to do that.  Final deadline is January 2, 2018.
    • Player salaries updated for 2018 - these are NOT YET FINAL
    • Positions updated for 2018 - these are final, except for where you see an "x" in the position or secondary position - these players are not yet verified (and some may be removed from the game for 2017).
    • Salary cap - The 2018 cap is 42034 - up from last year's 37795
      • Teams have been given their 2018 cap cash (the actual distribution is enough to get the team in your league with the smallest cash balance up to the cap level).
      • Post season cash awards for playoffs have also been awarded
      • Bonuses for Players of the Year are still to be awarded.
    • Bonus teams have been awarded - as orphans appear or new leagues open (later this week), you can begin using those bonus teams.


  • 2017 Benchwarmer Playoffs - We're down to the final two in the Benchwarmer Bash:
    • #1 Seed: The Natty Lights (113-37, Wild card entry from Beer League) owner Jesse Roche
    • #2 Seed: Crumpton Roches (99-51, Wild card entry from Moneyball League) owner Jesse Roche
    • So Jesse Roche will be the champion - the suspense will be whether Crumpton gets its 2nd Bash championship or whether The Natty Lights gets its first.  Jesse has won the Bash 3 times before with 3 different franchises.
    • See the bracket
    • Final Result: The defeated Crumpton 4-1; Congratulations Jesse!


  • Benchwarmer Bash -  Bash Semifinals Games 1-7 posted.  We'll wrap up 2017 with the Benchwarmer Bash finals on Saturday.

Did You Know? The maximum cash you can take into the season is 5 million BW Bucks

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  • Congratulations to the 2017 Federation Champions:
    • Aaron Federation: Centauri Cosmic Conundrum, Fenway Fenatics, David Henning
    • Bench Federation: The Natty Lights, Beer League, Jesse Roche - Repeated from 2016
    • Cobb Federation: Dunder Mifflin Sabres, The Kings of Queens, Don Kruse
    • DiMaggio Federation: St. Louis Aces, Royal Flush League, Michael Quinn
    • Eckersley Federation: Crumpton Roches, Moneyball League, Jesse Roche - Repeated from 2016
    • Foxx Federation: Underwater Flying Submarines, Triple Crown League, Jason Kiernan
    • Gehrig Federation: Riverdale Robot Refugees, Minnie & Paul League, David Henning
    • Hornsby Federation: Proton Gunslingers, That's the Fact Jack League, David Henning


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Finals - Games 1-7 posted - The winners move on to the Benchwarmer Bash - games start on Wednesday Thursday.
  • Coming up in the Federation Finals - we have a rematch of a league championship series.  In The Kings of Queens, Dunder Mifflin took the league title in 7 games over Kansas - they meet again to move on to the Benchwarmer Bash.  Dunder Mifflin also won the season series during the regular season 4-2


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Semifinals - Games 1-7 posted - Finals to come on Monday
  • Some stories from the Benchwarmer Bash - with updates
    • 11 of 64 teams with 100+ wins in 2017.  Jason Kiernan, Jesse Roche, and Sherman Wan each have 2 of those teams. - 3 of the 11 teams knocked out in the Federation Quarterfinals
    • 4 teams that have previously won the Bash are in it this year - all 4 still alive:
      • 2016 winner Crumpton Roches (Moneyball League, Jesse Roche) is back to defend the title
      • 2015 - Towanda Teetotalers (Commissioners League, Jay Snyder)
      • 2011 - Crumpton Roches (Murderers' Row, Jesse Roche)
      • 2009 - Aksarben Bugeaters (K Street League, Don Kruse)
    • 2 previous bash runners-up are in this year: Last year's other finalist Oklahoma Gushers (Bleed Dodger Blue, Tom Twomey) and from 2014 The Natty Lights (Beer League, Jesse Roche) - Oklahoma lost in the Fed Quarters
    • Other than the previous winners and runners up listed above, these past Federation Champions are also in the hunt this year:
      • Aaron Federation - Seattle Survivors in 2014 (Hall of Fame League, Leif Jonson) and Chicago Haymarket Bombers in 2015 (Bronx Bombers League, Michael Quinn) - Both teams fell in the Federation Quarterfinals
      • Bench Federation - The Natty Lights from 2016 (Beer League, Jesse Roche) and Winterfell Direwolves in 2015 (Silver Screen League, Sherman Wan) - Winterfell lost in the first round
      • DiMaggio Federation - Sheshequin Shenanigans in 2016 (Federal League, Jay Snyder) - eliminated in the Federation Quarterfinals
      • Eckersley Federation - Winning it also in 2013 was Crumpton Roches (Moneyball League, Jesse Roche)
      • Foxx Federation - Crumpton Roches (Murderers' Row, Jesse Roche) also won it in 2014
      • Hornsby Federation - Infinity Island Shadows (Batman League, Robert Elias) from 2015
    • With wild cards, there is the possibility of some teams from the same league meeting up in the Federation Championships.  In Round 1, these are familiar foes:
      • Bench Federation: A rematch of the league championship: #2 seed Hershey vs league champ and #7 seed Atlanta.  Hershey won the season series 4-2.  Atlanta's championship win was in 7 games.  This time, Hershey won 4 games to 2
      • Eckserley Federation: From the Moneyball League #1 seed Crumpton vs #8 seed Random.  Crumpton won the season series 4-2.  Crumpton swept the series
    • In the Federation Semifinals, there's a meeting of two teams from the Batman League - League champ Infinity Island and wild card and #1 seed Kersh & Trouty.  Infinity Island swept all 6 of their games in the regular season.
    • Motor City from the Three of a Kind League meets up against a team from the Motor City League (Troy).  Motor City the team upset #1 seed Troy from the Motor City League in Round 1 in a 7-game series
    • We have Kruse vs Kruse in a brotherly battle in the Cobb Federation Quarterfinals: Don Kruse's #3 seed Dunder Mifflin (The Kings of Queens) vs Tim Kruse's #6 Papillion (North Siders League) - Dunder Mifflin won all the odd games to take a 4-3 series win
    • Since owners have multiple teams in the Bash, they may have to face each other - that happens once in the quarterfinal round - in the DiMaggio Federation, Sherman Wan has both the #4 seed Exsangui Nation (Four Star League) and #5 seed Sanity Clause & the Seven Elves (Marxball) - Sherman's Sanity Claus team advances


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Quarterfinals - Games 5-7 posted.  Semifinals might not begin until Sunday morning.


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Quarterfinals - Games 1-4 posted.
  • Initial steps for 2018:
    • Player salaries updated for 2017 - these are NOT YET FINAL Premium salary adjustments are yet to come.
    • Positions updated for 2017 - these are final, except for where you see an "x" in the position or secondary position - these players are not yet verified (and some may be removed from the game for 2017).
    • The fall trade periods are not yet open - and the dates as listed on the transction schedule will be moved back


  • Congratulations to BWB team owners who won multiple league championships in 2017:
    • 7 Titles: Sherman Wan
    • 6 Titles: David Henning
    • 5 Titles: Robert Elias
    • 4 Titles: Jason Kiernan, Jay Snyder
    • 3 Titles: Don Kruse, Michael Quinn
    • 2 Titles: Ricardo Alexander, Leif Jonson, Jon Swanson


  • 25 of 2016's 49 league champions repeated to win their division this year.  In the end, only 7 did actually repeat with a league championship in 2017:
    • Beer League - Goose Island 312 Chicago Microbrew (Jason Kiernan)
    • Federal League - Sheshequin Shenanigans (Jay Snyder)
    • Hall of Fame League - Seattle Survivors (Leif Jonson)
    • Murderers' Row - Crumpton Roches (Jesse Roche) - 3rd straight title
    • Shadowball - Bedrock Water Buffaloes (Leif Jonson)
    • That's the Fact Jack League - Proton Gunslingers (David Henning)
    • Triple Crown League - Underwater Flying Submarines (Jason Kiernan)


  • Things to know for the remainder of the postseason - and prepping for 2018.



  • Playoffs: Championship Week - Game 4 posted


  • Playoffs: Championship Week - Games 1-3 posted
  • 2017 in Review:
    • Of the 49 league champions in 2016, 25 of them repeated as division winners - 14 are still alive with conference championships and a chance for a repeat league title.  (2016: 31 of 44 league champs in the previous season won their division - 16 repeated as conference champions)
  • Congratulations to owners still alive with multiple conference wins:
    • 10 Teams - David Henning (out of 24 division winners)
    • 8 Teams - Jay Snyder (out of 10) and Sherman Wan (17)
    • 7 Teams - Roland Dupont (out of 13) and Jason Kiernan (12)
    • 6 Teams - Don Kruse (out of 8)
    • 5 Teams - Ricardo Alexander (out of 10), Robert Elias (7), Michael Quinn (15)
    • 4 Teams - Daniel Foley, Jr. (out of 4), Andrew Lehman (4)
    • 3 Teams - Leif Jonson (out of 3), Tom Twomey (12)
    • 2 Teams - John Hula (out of 2), Christian Ingram (3), Jerry King (4), Tom Kohl (5), Dave Matter (3), Tom McGraw (3), Jamison Reese (4), Jesse Roche (4), Jon Swanson (4)



  • 2017 in Review:
    • Of 64 teams that participated in the Federation Playoffs in 2016 (first step of the Benchwarmer Bash), 35 won division titles this season (down from 46 last year)
    • Of the 8 Federation champs, 6 made the playoffs this year (down from 7 last year)
    • Of last year's finalists in the Benchwarmer Bash
      • Winner Crumpton Roches (Moneyball, Jesse Roche) won the division but lost in the conference title - however, Crumpton has the #1 Power Rank in the Eckersley Federation and will advance to the federation playoffs as a wild card.
      • Runner up Oklahoma Gushers (Bleed Dodger Blue, Tom Twomey) won the division and is still alive for a league championship.


  • Playoffs: Week 1 ends - Games 6 and 7 posted - See Playoffs for All Leagues
  • Week 2 games will likely start posting on Sunday.
  • Lineup changes for Week 2 of the playoffs are due Saturday night at midnight Eastern.


  • Playoffs: Week 1 - Games 4 & 5
  • Find quick links to all your teams' playoff pages - including which teams are still active
  • 2017 in Review:
    • Of 196 division winners in 2015, 83 repeated with division titles this season (91 of 176 repeated in 2016)
    • 59 of the division winners from last season finished below .500 in 2017.
    • From the 196 divisions that existed in 2016, 43 division winners in 2017 are franchises that never before won a division title.
    • Of the 49 league champions in 2016, 25 of them repeated as division winners. (31 of 44 repeated in 2016).


  • Playoffs: Week 1 - Games 2 & 3
  • Congratulations to owners with multiple division wins:
    • 24 Teams - David Henning
    • 17 Teams - Sherman Wan
    • 15 Teams - Michael Quinn
    • 13 Teams - Roland Dupont
    • 12 Teams - Jason Kiernan, Tom Twomey
    • 10 Teams - Ricardo Alexander, Jay Snyder
    • 8 Teams - Don Kruse
    • 7 Teams - Robert Elias
    • 5 Teams - Tom Kohl
    • 4 Teams - Daniel Foley, Jr., Jerry King, Andrew Lehman, Jamison Reese, Jesse Roche, Jon Swanson, Danny Zaccaro
    • 3 Teams - Alonda Clifton, Christian Ingram, Leif Jonson, Dave Matter, Tom McGraw
    • 2 Teams - Mark Currie, Greg Flees, J.C. Freeman, Brian Haines, Skip Hohensee, Michael Horvitz, Tim Kruse, Michael Lehman, John Hula, Jeff Zick


  • Playoffs: Week 1 Begins - Game 1
  • This season, there were 7 divisional ties. In 2016, again 7 divisions ended in ties - how did those teams in last year's tiebreaker games fare this season?
    • Batman League - Clooney Division:
      • Winner: Gotham City Knights (Jon Swanson) - This year: 3rd place, 14 GB
      • Loser: Cat Women's Meows (Andrew Lehman) - This year: Won the division by 8 games
    • Blame Canada League - Stan Division:
      • Winner: South Alabama Jaggurnauts (Christian Zaccaro) - This year: 4th place, 29 GB
      • Loser: Ft. Lauderdale Fightin' Blumpkins (Tom Twomey) - This year: Won the division by 16 games
    • Experts League - Print Division:
      • Winner: South America Piranhas (Sam Campbell) - This year: 4th place, 21 GB
      • Loser: Men Injecting Men - Fantasy on Roids (Christian Ingram) - This year: Won the division by 16 games
    • Hall of Fame League - Wagner Division:
      • Winner: Boar's Nest (Tom Twomey) - This year: 2nd place, 10 GB
      • Loser: Las Vegas Lounge Lizards (Jon Swanson) - This year: 3rd place, 24 GB
    • Minnie & Paul League - Oliva Division:
      • Winner: Conspiracy Theories (Adam Wilson) - This year: With new owner, Jamison Reese, 2nd place, 6 GB
      • Loser: Kansas City Monarchs (Don Kruse) - This year: Won the division by 6 games
    • Perfect World League - David Wells Division:
      • Winner: Millard Quackers (Mike Cerny) - This year: 4th place, 59 GB
      • Loser: Lasoda's Legends (Tom McGraw) - This year: Tied for 2nd, 34 GB
    • South Siders League - Fox Division:
      • Winner: Delphi Titans (David Henning) - This year: Won the division by 9 games
      • Loser: Wimpy's Hawks (Dave Matter) - This year: 4th place, 20 GB
  • Pitching matchups posted on the playoff schedules - Look for the first playoff results late tonight! - you can find the schedule from a link on your league's home page or go to Playoffs for All Leagues and click to your league from there.




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